Sunday, April 3, 2011

I know it's hard but MOVE ON

"Remember, the kid who keeps looking back at the small piece of average candy that his parents wouldn’t let him have, his eyes blinded by hot, gushing tears, his head not looking ahead in the direction in which his parents are leading him by the hand, will not be able to see, eat or enjoy the huge, luscious chocolate cake that they were saving just for him; because of which they refused him that average, low-quality candy that he so wanted to have.

His parents actually wanted him to have something better. But his stubborn fixation with, and regret at, the average thing that passed him by won’t let him see it.

Did it ever occur to you, that in your staunch conviction that Mr or Ms Perfect is the only one for you, you might be overseeing someone who is much, much better?

Did it ever occur to you that Allah didn’t give you the candy because he was saving a thousand-times-better chocolate cake for you?.."

More topics discussed here:

‘Romantic’ Relationships, Marriage Proposals and Dreams of Destiny..'

Mainly on:

1. Relationships before marriages-How deceptive could they be and their consequences..
2. Advices for youth and parents who should understand each other..
3. Salah (prayer)-the 'SHIELD' it provides u with..
4. ISTIKHARAH for all affairs (not to exclude marriage-*ting) -How should it work? For REAL?
5. And plenty more!

So read.. (^_^)

Wassalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

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