Friday, October 23, 2009

The LOVE in ISLAM.. (^_^)


I once read that Rasulullah s.a.w said, if we love our sahabah, go tell them how much you love them because of Allah!

Here’s a nice story shared by Abu Hurairah r.a:

There was a man that came to Rasulullah s.a.w. and our beloved Prophet s.a.w sent that man to his wives but they said,

“We have nothing except water(to drink)”.

Then, Rasulullah s.a.w asked,

“ Who is willing to have this man as a guest and serve him?”

So an Anshor man
answered, “I do”.

Thus, the kind man brought his guest home to his wife and told her to serve their guest with food. But the wife said,
“We have nothing left except food for our children.”

(And can you guess what did the kind man say to his obedient wife?.. )
“Prepare the food(for the guest) and light up the lamp and get the children into bed when they ask for dinner(mind that it was at night)”.

Then the wife started to prepare for the dinner, light up the lamp and took the
children to bed. After that, she stood up as if she wanted to adjust the lamp or something and set the light off. In the dark, this pair of couple started to act as if they are eating too! And they actually chewed nothing! They acted that way so that their guest thought they are having dinner with him! And they ended sleeping that night without eating anything..

Can u imagine, willing to starve the whole night just to satisfy his musleem brother? And they didn’t even care. Plus, they felt satisfy that way.. How thoughtful! Now, let’s read what happened on the next day..

So, by the very next morning, this kind man went out to see Rasulullah s.a.w and he told everything that happened last night. Then our beloved Prophet s.a.w said,
“Last night, Allah was impressed with what you did..” (As narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

And it was told that this verse of the Holy Book of Al-Quran was then revealed:

"9. And those who had established their home in this city and in faith from before, love those who emigrated to
them, and find not in their breasts, any need for what they have been given and prefer them above their souls,
even though they be badly in need of, and whoso is guarded against the avarice of his own soul, those they
are the successful."

In Malay translation..
9. Dan orang-orang (Ansar) Yang mendiami negeri (Madinah) serta beriman sebelum mereka, mengasihi orang-orang Yang berhijrah ke negeri mereka, dan tidak ada pula Dalam hati mereka perasaan berhajatkan apa Yang telah diberi kepada orang-orang Yang berhijrah itu; dan mereka juga mengutamakan orang-orang Yang berhijrah itu lebih daripada diri mereka sendiri, sekalipun mereka Dalam keadaan kekurangan dan amat berhajat. dan (ingatlah), sesiapa Yang menjaga serta memelihara dirinya daripada dipengaruhi oleh tabiat bakhilnya, maka merekalah orang-orang Yang berjaya.


SubhanAllah.. Isn’t that sweet??....

I’ve always wanted to travel around the world; to India, China, America, Africa, everywhere….
Just to say to all the musleems that I met how much I love them all, because of Allah!
Don’t you feel the same way too?
Don’t you think that’s the sweetest thing to do in our life?
To love and to be loved just because of Allah.. (How sweet..)

Anyway, why not?
We share the same way of life, the same deen we have..
And the most important thing is that we know that we have been worshipping only ONE God that is no God but ALLAH, ONLY HIM and that our beloved Prophet s.a.w. is truly His last messenger.
In fact, we all DO love our Prophet s.a.w..
We even took our syahadah every time of prayers, 5 times a day!
We DO share a lot of things, common things we have, am I right?
Isn’t that the sweetest???

Do you know what do all these explain? I called them as… UKHWAH FILLAH. (^_^)

Let’s say these together. Feel it, deep in your heart, you really mean all these:

I’m a muslim and I’m proud to be one.
I was born in Islam and will remain that way till my day comes.
I believe in Islam’s teachings, more than anyone could imagine!

Can you feel the pride of being a musleem? Here’re the good ones. You should say them out loud:

I love Allah! He’s ArRahman ArRahim. He has all the beautiful names.. (blink blink. Yup! HE does have them all…)
I love Rasulullah! (s.a.w) He’s the greatest man ever. He’s the best idol for all humankind and I’m proud to be his ummah.
I love myself!.. for who I am. I’ll never feel sad, lonely, disappointed, as I know Allah and Rasulullah love me too.. (Surely They love all of us!) (^_^)

I love Allah. I love Rasulullah. I love myself. I really love Islam!

So, brothers and sisters that I love lillahi ta’ala..remember these:

Eventhough we have never met before.
Eventhough we never get to know each other so well,
Eventhough I have never been in your place to experience
all those which caused you pain,
all those “THICK N THINs” you’ve gone through,
all the hard times you have had all by yourselves,
without your family besides you,
without your friends,
(without anybody!)

I just wanted to say that,
We, musleems feel what you feel.
We do feel sad when you are sad.
We do feel the horror, loneliness as you do.
We do feel all those pain that you feel.
You are not alone. Never will.
Because you have us and we have you,
As brothers and sisters in Islam.
WE have Allah.
Isn’t that more than enough?
Isn’t that what we all wanted??

And again, remember this my beloved brothers and sisters that I love because of Allah..


And I once read about a hadith, a nice one. Well, i couldn't remember what was the hadith that i read before and who narrated it, but what i'm trying to say here is that when your brother or sister in Islam is in miserable, we could actually feel it too. ## As we are all tied to a bond-relationship-Ukhwah! And this is the 2nd time i mention about UKHWAH. It is important, my dear brothers and sisters.. (^_^)

"63. And He put affection in their hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth you could not have put affection in
their hearts but Allah have united their hearts. Undoubtedly! It is He, Dominant, Wise."

Love you all because of Allah!


#####p/s: Who knows bout the hadith? The one that i've forgotten? I really want to know the full-narrated one. Tell me if you do. Syukran! (^_^)