Monday, March 28, 2011

Cool 'IlmTour ~ JOIN US!


Just as excited as i always am: i'm bringing you good news!

To my dear seeker of knowledge (or shall i say knowledge lovers?), do attend these exciting talks:

I hope you could see the details clearly :)

Or if you coudn't, check the details here:

Here's details of our cool syeikh :)

And i'm now waiting to attend THE BIGGEST EVENT of this 'ilmTour: THE HEART SERENE: THE PURIFICATION OF THE SOUL seminar this coming april! I just can't wait! SubhanAllah..

There's still time for you to enroll. Here's the details of the seminar:

(InshaAllah it will be a worth-paying seminar :)

p/s: Have had our first talk with Sh. Riad last night at Taylor's university Lakeside Campus. It was.......MASHAALLAH- Very nice! Food for thought for youth. Now i'm having 2 kinds of fever: 'Exam Fever' and the 'Seminar Fever'

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