Friday, April 22, 2011

Make The Most of Life

O those who want to make good use of this life!

O those who wish to live a happy life!

The pleasant days and nights to spend..
The mornings and evenings to spend..

Increase the salah (prayers)!
Verily in prayers is the connection between a servant and his Lord..

Increase the salah (prayers)!
Verily prayers show the servant's love for his Lord..

"And MY servant continues to come closer to me by (performing) optional acts of worship until I love him..
And when I love him, I become his hearing from which he hears
And his eyes from which he sees..
And his feet from which he walks..
And his hands from he strikes..
And if he asks ME for something, then I will certainly give!
And if he seeks refuge from ME, then I will certainly give him refuge!"

Prayer is a NUR (light)..
A nur in this life..
And a nur in the afterlife..

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