Monday, October 31, 2011

Finding Your Way: Stop Living a Dream



Just finished watching a GOOOOOD video. MashaAllah. You've gotta watch this too!

Specially for those who are still in search of the truth- not knowing which path to take, how to trace and how to stay on that path you are convinced to be- TRUE. :)

FINDING YOUR WAY by Bro Nouman Ali Khan (NAK) with Bro Eddie in The Deen Show

"I  used to go to pub, disco, have girlfriends, doing this  haram thing and doing that... etc..."

Now you want to change. Or you are changing and improving (alhmdulillah!)
But one thing bothers you a great deal:

"Which path should i take? How to start? How to remain on this path i'm taking?"

You see, when we ask for direction, it means we are asking for guidance, agreed? And..... there must be people before who sincerely asked this same direction (that you are now asking for too). And...... there must be other people who led these to this direction/path. Uhuh. THERE MUST BE.

But the issues here:
  • Some don't follow that direction given to them (but they asked for it before) tho' they are SHOWN the direction clearly. They see the truth but DISREGARD it, they IGNORE it.
  • Some accept the guidance, wanting to follow the direction but they add 'FLAVOUR' to the guidance according to their own wimps, lusts, desires. Thus get confused and deviated (!)
  • Some accept the guidance as the way it is, trace the path as directed and walk upon the same path of those sincere people who looked for same path.
May Allah protect and save from becoming those who deviate and increase in guidance. Amin!

Bro NAK's advice to finding your way to the truth:
  • Be sincere to your Creator.
  • Accept HIM as your Lord.
  • Ask HIM (sincerely!) to show you the path; and
  • Ask HIM to show you those who walked down the same path and succeeded.
  • Ask HIM to keep you away from those who walked down the path but then get LOST-went astray or earned God's wrath.
What are our 'measuring stick' to know, maintain our search in truth?
Well.. you have to watch to know more!

SIMPLE FORMULA (yet dofficult for some people to do) to find and stay firm on the path of truth:
  • Sincerely put time (and effort!) into doing this.
  • Take yourself AWAY from distractions and delusions that take you away from this quest of truth.
  • Since you have asked sincerely to your Lord to show you the way, BE READY to whatever you will get (be submissive), put your ego on the ground-as you might find the truth opposed to your desires and wimps.. (i believe this is the toughest part. May Allah give strength! amin)

Great analogies, stories and explanation he gave especially the one regarding our best asset in life: TIME.

It's scary to discover the real fact about time. SubhanAllah!

Brothers and sisters- WAKE UP.

"Once you have OPENED your eyes, don't let them SHUT again.."

A reminder specially made for me, before others...


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