Thursday, December 23, 2010

Allah LISTENS and Allah KNOWS

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

SubhanAllah.. Walhamdulillah.. Wallahuakbar

It has been few days that many things happened in my life.
Truly Allah 'azza wa jal has been with us all the time..

A very dear friend of mine, who i love for the sake of Allah, who is in her path of knowing Islam, in her best of her efforts to love Allah wa Rasullullah (pbuh), to you my dear, may Allah bless you fiddunya wa akhira..

Last night, surprisingly, i dreamed of this deary friend of mine. In my dream, she came to me and asked me few questions which i've forgotten what they were. And she looked very upset. The only thing that i remember is that she was asking me about Allah. And i was upset too seeing her being demotivated. And i remember i called her again in the dream, trying to help and answer her questions. And i also remember how she left me then, feeling satisfied.. Alhamdulillah..

However, you might say to me that it's just a dream..
Yup. It's a dream. But a dream by which Allah, maybe, was trying to tell me something..

This morning, right after i had my fajr prayer, as i couldn't help feeling a bit worried about this beloved friend of mine, i sent her a message telling her about the dream and asking her well-being..

And subhanAllah.. She told me that she was speechless. The day before i had the dream, she told me that she was really upset, really missing all the Islamic talks that we used to have, and that she somehow really miss Allah.. She told me how much she wanted to talk to me that day, and had even prepared a LONG-MESSAGE to send to me-but she cancelled n deleted it. She changed her mind. She just complained to Allah her problem, not wanting to share with me, which i assume she didn't want to disturb or burden me with her stories and problems (but ya ukhty, you've never been so :) )..

You see, biiznillah, with Allah's will, i came to know what happened to her the day before eventhough she didn't want me to know and that she didn't even tell me so. but subhanAllah, Allah, The One who knows everything including what's hidden in our heart, knows what she intended for and there it was, i discovered it anyway, after had that dream..

But that was not all..

At the very same day, i had a class with Ustaz Kabuye Othman. It was a class on ethics and fiqh for everyday life. He was talking about the state of heart, the khulq of the beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW and some other things.. What touched/moved my heart the most in that class was his advice and encouragement on us to be generous. As usual , being so motivated to practice this sunnah, i asked Allah to give me chance to be one.

That evening, while waiting for maghrib prayer in IIUM Mosque, i was reading The Quran with few close friends of mine. It was almost prayer time. One of my friends, had been asking around if anyone of us had extra brooch. I didn't respond to her until she sat next to me, as i was trying to concentrate on my recitation. However, i wanted to help her so i gave her mine without thinking much about it-it's just a brooch, not a big deal, eventhough i know that i might be needing it too later :)

Right after i handed her the brooch and smiled to her, i continued reading my quran..
SubhanAllah.. the next verse said this:

"Verily your Lord does provide sustenance in abundance for whom HE pleases, and HE provides in a just measure. For HE does know and regard all HIS servants.."


How motivating! SubhanAllah.. Allah promises that HE'll sustain the rezq of those who HE wants. Oo Allah, i wana become one. Make me one! Amin! :))

Another story.. I was so upset one evening and being so demotivated at the same time. I'd rather say that my emaan was in its critical state-need to be 'TOP-UP'..I couldn't help myself except heading towards the mosque, wanted to perform my 'asr prayer as i'd just finished my class. In mosque, i asked Allah to 'talk' to me. I complained to HIM everything, wanting HIM to help me to rejuvenate my eman.. Then i opened my Al-Quran with the translation.. Then i came across these verses:

"In the case of those who say, "Our Lord is Allah", and further, stand straight and steadfast, the angels descend on them (from time to time): "Fear you not! Nor grieve!" but receive the Glad Tidings of the Garden (of bliss), that which you were promised!

"We are you protectors in this life and the Hereafter: therein shall you have all that your souls shall desire; therein shall you have all that you ask for! - a hospitable gift from One Oft-Forgiving, most Merciful.."


These verses meant a lot to me, i tried to memorize them that evening and i did, alhamdulillah..

But it didn't stop there. I stayed at the mosque till maghrib and had my maghrib prayer there too, wanting to spend more time in HIS house.. Something happened during the prayer. It was during the 1st rakaah. After the imam recited al-Fatihah (as beautiful as always!), then guess what happened?..

The imam recited the same and exact verse that i memorized that evening! Awesome. Allahuakbar.

I couldn't help myself. I burst into tears.. At that moment, there's nothing dearer to me than Allah 'azza wa jal. It was despicable-the best state of emaan i'd ever had! Wallahi.. The best feeling i'd ever had-tranquility, contentment..

Allah.. Please bring us closer to you from time to time.. Aameen..

My dear brothers and sisters,

The only reason i shared with you all these stories is just to make us all think, "What are the blessings of Allah that i forgot to thank today?" I believe all of us have gone through this moment in our life time, the moment of having Allah very close and dear in our heart.. Sweet. Nice. Peaceful. Calm. Or the best way to describe it- DESPICABLE..

Therefore my beloved brothers and sisters..
Let's be grateful and thankful to Allah who has blessed us with HIS companionship and guidance. May Allah lead us to HIS straight path and help us to persevere... Aamin..

Love you all for the sake of Allah..
May we meet again in jannatul a'la..

Barakallahu fikum.

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