Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aww.. Be Patient!


I didn't know it's hard to be patient.. SubhanAllah! I thought things are gonna be easy as usual-I could be patient all this while but why not to this one? Weird..

So here're few things that i'm gonna do.. Sharing the tips here just in case if anyone finds it hard (REALLY HARD) to be patient-will benefit. EnshaAllah ;)

Uhuh! I'm gonna have this 'BE PATIENT' sign paste on/available at every place i go/do (or at least most of the places-in the house, of course..)

On top of my journal page- Check!
On my desktop-Check!
On my wardrobe mirror-Check!
On my bedroom door-Check!
A BIG-BOLD bookmark saying, "YOU-BE PATIENT"- Check!
Bathroom's door-Should i?

2. Be the BUSY-BEE not lazy
Have an organized plan throughout the day, week, and month!

Have a list of M, N, O, P and..................... Z on what to do today.
Stick to the plan, finish them one by one patiently, emphasizing on the QUALITY.. :)

Suggestion: Memorize short chapters from the Quran, Supplications from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), finish all those books on seerah (or other BENEFICIAL books that interest you the most)

You can have a look at a sample here: Hifdh Chart
And good strategy to memorize here or here ( my prev blogpost :)

3. Never-ALONE
Not to sit at a place alone if possible. Have good and righteous companions around you, or family members.. If possible, play and listen to your MP3-Quranic recitations or awesome-cool-superNICE islamic lectures..

You can download some of the lectures here: Islamic Lectures

4. Just grab it
Have books/notes on things you wana memorize ( as suggested in #2) at the easiest-reachable places. Beside your bed, on the dining table (make sure everyone in the house is well informed not to throw your books/notes away), in your pocket, anywhere!

What i've been doing is, have small-sized books on Hisn al muslim (Fortress of The Musli
m): Invocations from the Quran and Sunnah, Al-Quran with English and Malay translations near me all the time. Once you get distracted, just grab any one of them and start memorizing few verses/ du'a. They are small, easy to grab..

Alhamdulillah, it really works.. Just imagine how many verses/du'a you would memorize
everytime you get distracted? Cool, huh? :)

5. The words of WISDOM
What else is better than the kalamullah (the words of Allah)? They are the best SHIFA' (cure) and BEST MOTIVATION, INSPRIRATION for any disease including the heart illness/disease.. :)

There are more in the list but it's better to start with these few verses first inshaAllah :

Al-Baqarah: 153-157, 177, 249
Ali 'Imran: 146, 186

Memorize and keep reciting these verses over and over again while pondering and contemplating on their meanings. You will feel the strength of repelling 'sigh' sickness and impatience.. InshaAllah!

6. Fasting
This is actually the BEST WAY to train oneself on how to be patient. There're so many evidences in the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah that explain the great hikmah(wisdom) behind this act.

When you fast, you'll experience the hardship of other people who don't have the blessings that Allah bestow upon you-not being able to eat 5x times a day (5? That's A LOT), have a nice home, etc.. Acknowledging all these will tone down our impatience. InshaAllah..

And many other benefits on sawm (fasting) you could find from scholarly written articles.
Perhaps, you can do research on the evidences and articles on your own? Don't have them with me now ;)

7. Istighfar
Seek forgiveness from Allah 'azza wa jal..
We are never free from committing sins. Maybe it's the sins that we committed prevent us from being patient.. Astaghfiru Allah Al-'Azhim... :(

8. Dzikrullah
Constantly remember Allah.. That will really prevent you from doing/saying something displeasing HIM and thus, train you to be patient.. Don't you think so? :)

9. Videos..
There are so many heart-mending, heart-soothening, eman-rejuvenating videos that you could watch over the internet that talk about patience.

Here's a good one which i repeatedly watch whenever my iman is low:

And more in The Deen Show:

Or this video i have shared here in my prev post,
(Oo Allah, I Want That But Why You Gave Me This!)
at the end of the article:

You see, when Allah loves a servant, HE'll put him/her in a test. So be patient. Allah loves you. :)

These reminders are specially written for the impatient-me and those who need patience..
Allah musta'an..

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