Sunday, June 27, 2010

DEAN's or ALLAH's lists??

Alhamdulillah.. Let's thank Allah for everythg He has given to us..

Had just came back from my visit to my old secondary school-TCS!
Alhamdulillah. Learnt lots of things there too! MashaAllah..

I realized that during my time in tcs, i wasn't a good student with all those good grades-with flying colours and everything. (Because i really love outdoor activities) i didn't have everything-indoors and outdoors-balanced up. Telling you again. i wasn't an excellent muslima student..

Until i started my 1st semester in IIUM, everything changed- i changed. The way i live my life, the way i study, the way i conduct myself with people and in all classes i attend, the way i think as well. All for the sake of Dean's list-i eversince that always wanted to become an excellent muslima student. InshaAllah!

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for everything He has given me, for all the guidance..

Then this idea popped into my head:

We are struggling hard to get our names in the dean's list, trying our best to go through all the 'tests, filtration, interviews'-all these being done just to get our names in the list! Then how about Allah's list?? How come i didn't realize that we are being filtered and interviewed?

Oo you seekers of knowledge, we are being tested here too! Study for the sake of Allah, huh?
HE's filtering us too..

It's your struggle in your study (and job-if you are working) and your self-conduct in this world, the dunya. Allah azza wa jal is testing us..

1. through all the hardships, filtering us-You pass if you be patient and fail if you don't

2. the interviewing, could be in this dunya itself and in the grave!

Interview for this dunya: if you thank HIM after the ease He had given you-you pass, and fail if you don't(if you forget HIM)
For what to expect in the grave: Good life in alam barzakh means good life in the hereafter (Al Jannah inshaAllah!) but bad condition means tough times you'll face later! (naudzhubillah..)

Do you realize now that we are being tested to be listed in HIS list??..
Alhamdulillah.. hope we all do..

And do you know that the results of this struggle we are facing now in this dunya, Allah will tell you later in the hereafter? During the Day of Resurrection? Whether we are in Allah's list or we are not


Let's work for both!
Short term: Dean's list
Long term: Allah's list..
Both at the same time..

But how?
Everything has been taught in Islam-it's our homework and research to discover it out!

Truly, we are the best of ummah-if we are being FULL-TIME muslims..
Excellent-comprehensive muslim students!

"You (true believers Islamic monotheism, and real followers of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his sunnah) are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma'ruf (i.e. islamic monotheism and all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al-Munkar (polytheism, disbeleief and all that Islam has forbidden), and you believe in Allah..."
-Taken from translation of the meanings of the noble Quran in English Language

Let's work hard and pray to Allah to become one of this 'best of peoples"!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Should I Study My Deen

Why Should I Study My Deen
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"Rasul Allah told us that when a person seeks out a path to learn about Islam, this is a sign that Allah loves them and that He wants good for them in this life and the next.."
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something Happened and I Want You To Know

May every second pass isn't wasted for things other than for the sake of Allah

I really can't stop thinking about what happened to me yesterday. I know i have final paper today but i really can't take all these off my mind until i write them all down. InshaAllah..

Having so called 'last minute' group revision+ discussion yesterday, our head had started to cramp up-stuck,blur,empty.. That's when we started to realize.."Ok, we need a break"..

While we were walking down to the mahallah cafe, i saw these two good sisters (may Allah bless them) that i met last time in one of the hadith classes. MashaAllah. Didn't expect to meet them, again. Alhamdulillah.. It was then, the conversation we had that makes me wonder-ponder about lots of things.. Things that most of us might have taken lightly.. Naudzhubillah.. It was at this point, everything started..

We complained about seeing 'couples' walking together side by side when at first we thought was a married couple until another friend who knows them said they are not. And to add, she said, they are students from religious courses..

"Akak ngaku, ramai dari kos Al-Quran and As-Sunnah sendiri tak amik berat pasal semua ni.."

Ouch. That really is painful to hear..

I thought, people who learnt revealed knowledge should know more and being more particular and sensitive regarding this issue-more than other people who are not majoring, specializing all those religious subjects in these religious courses- because i thought, maybe you could lead us to what's right and wrong as you know better than us..


And more.. She told me that there are ikhwan (muslim brothers) who are so religious-very knowledgeable, intelligent.. BUT there are some who don't observe their attitude towards their friends around them who are girls.. They talk to these girls as if they are halal for him to talk too and some of them even eat with these women in the same table!..Wait.. He what?

Yeah. U read me. They intermingle with sisters who are halal for them to get married with which is not yet halal for them. You know what i mean- not nikah with yet. Hm.. Sincerely, they don't have the qualities that i look for a muslim leader and even if he's to be my leader in my family- i don't want him. Naudzhubillah.. (But Allah knows best-everyone will be tested)

As far as i could remember, what she said (or something like that) really surprised me-at that very moment.. Really was SHOCKING..

OK. I'm not generalizing or being stereotype or something. It wasn't just about those from religious courses but as i said before, i believe they should know better..(However, i admit regardless of what courses you take, what background you have, there are people who are concern about their muamalah..)

We were talking about intermingling- IKHTILAT, between women and men. And we were not talking about the permissible intermingling with reasons, but we were talking about the intermingling with reasons that we THINK it's permissible all this while with the facts that they are actually NOT. They sound the same to you, i assume. Because they sounded the same to me too, before this.

"Ok. Let's have meeting at the library. Exactly by 8pm, everyone should be there. We'll try to finish everything up before 10.15pm inshaAllah. So prepare your task i've given-let's not waste our time."


"Ok. Brothers and sisters. I suggest we have our meeting at Evoke Cafe. Perhaps around 12.30pm? We can have lunch together. What do you think?" and majority will say yes..

Do these 2 'meeting' seem the same to you?
I'll tell you what..


It's like things which are islamic and with things that are islamized..
They are not the same..


"What's up with all these courses thing? They are still human. IMPERFECT human being-with weaknesses. So stop comparing people from religious courses with other courses..!", you might say..

Now i'll tell you what i wanted to tell you at the first place..

First, i'll tell you what i think about my religion-OUR religion, ISLAM. Everytime i came to talk about Islam (just anything about Islam!), all that i could feel, see and think of is its BEAUTY, PURITY, PERFECTION. I believe and will always believe that Islam is special because it's a REVEALED knowledge. And i came to know that ISLAM IS PERFECT, UNFORTUNATELY MUSLIMS ARE NOT.

Ok. Khalas. I know all these..

Second, it was then i started to get to know who's Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, other prophets, the great first generation of Al-Quran, and people from the generation after like Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi.. All these made me feel, "MashaAllah! Awesome.. These men-muslim men are great figures in Islam!" and has made me proud to be a muslim and a part of beloved Muhammad's (s.a.w) ummah. Alhamdulillah!

At the end, all these motivate me more in learning MORE about this beautiful and awesome religion-ISLAM.

"WAIT. Why are you telling me all these? What do they had to do with ikhtilat that you were talking about?.." You are confuse huh?..

Yeah you should be confuse if u didn't see what's coming up all these while. And that just sadden me and i believe others too-It's painful to see the truth, bitter to find it out.

All these while, do you know what i expected from most people from these religious courses?
To be an examplery brothers, leaders.. A qudwah hasanah in our times, that could resembles the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.. His (s.a.w) manners, leadership.. I'm not telling you nor demanding you to be like him-impossible! I know that.. But like i said- BE A QUDWAH IN TODAY'S WORLD THAT RESEMBLES HIM (S.A.W)..

"MashaAllah.. All these brothers are great leaders! Great examples! Good to see people like them-GREAT MUSLIMS!"

Yes, this is what i want to hear from people out there when they look at you..
So please, don't disappoint us..
We are waiting to see leaders with the QUALITIES that Islam wants..
The qualities shapened with the teachings of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah..
The same qualities we learned and found from Umar Al-Khattab-A leader who fears of Allah and hopes on HIS mercy at all times
The same qualities we found from Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh-A young leader who was so smart, brave- till he could finally conquered Constantinople..
And other qualities from other great leaders and scholars!

So, who are all these great figures anyway?
They are the people who succeed as how Allah has mentioned in The Quraan, i believe in many verses.. They are the people that REALLY fears Allah, those of whom Allah has gifted TAQWA in their heart.. And i believe..

To have spirit alone isn't enough without knowledge..
And to have knowledge alone isn't gonna work without putting some efforts..

And i'm hoping to see these future 'ustadz' to lead the ummah, our way to what pleases Allah in everything we do..
NOT the kinda ustadz or leader that neglect and NOT observing his muamalah..
NOT lowering his gaze..
Because you don't expect a full-time doctor to come out give nasihah aw fatwa to the ummah?
Don't expect full-time business men to lead our way in living nad defending the Sunnah?..
We expect people who are the members of the Quran and As-Sunnah to lead our way..
You who learn this deen more than us..


Do you know that the eyes are the windows of our limb? The eyes actually reflect the heart and the heart reflects your emaan..

As what a close friend of mine once said,
"I don't believe in his piety, he doesn't lower his gaze and he talks to women unnecessarily. i don't want that kinda man to be my husband.."

Ok.. She got her point there..
She said who would want to have somebody who doesn't observe his muamalah eventhough he has good knowledge of ad-deen? And then to make him as a leader? Forget it..

And i'm telling all these to myself too for i'm a normal human being with all the weaknesses you see from me. Despite of the spirit that i have, spirit of seeing Islam being glorified again as the greatest civilisation again, i'm telling you again that with this very limited knowledge i have, with what i myself have experienced all this while, i just want all of us to ponder over all these matters and THEY REALLY ARE IMPORTANT.

Know this brothers and sisters that i came to love and concern for the sake of Islam..
Bad intermingling happens when we tend to ignore the importance of lowering our gazes- that is not to look at the haraam things but to look at things that Allah pleases with, you'll start to take this issue lightly. No more fearing Allah when you talk lagho things with people of the opposite gender. Plus, you will start to find it enjoying to do.. Naudzhubillah..

"Ala.. Just want to share thoughts.. that's all.. It's 'ilm anyway.."

Yeah2.. Then.. opps..

"I think i had a crush on her. Is this a good sign?.."

What good sign? That she could be your life partner?
What if u've talked to many sisters, are u going to say the same thing too?
Or let me guess, you are now confuse-"Which one to choose?"..

And trust me, it will never end this way.. After that, you'll start to call, meet her as often as you and her want and the list goes on...

Then the scariest thing comes-ZINA. Yes, even the least ZINA-ZINA with your HEART. You remember her more than remembering Allah.. What if that day is your last day? I mean, what if you are going to die on that very same day? Dying committing ZINA-your heart? Isn't that listed among the biggest sins? Naudzhubillah.. Let's not be daring enough to taste the HELLFIRE. Naudzhubillah..

Oo and yeah. About your eyes being used for whatever purpose you choose, don't you ever forget this; Your eyes aren't really yours anyway, Allah lend them to you n He could easily take them back..

Ok. Why am i telling you all these now? Because these are among the common issues i've heard from many friends of mine regardless of what courses they are from or societies- they keep complaining the same thing-ikhtilat!

Inappropriate talks in the meeting..
Some are VAIN and PLAIN talks..
And when someone cracks a joke, the muslimaat started to giggle here and there..
What a scenario!

This has happened in a kuliyyah delivered by one of my fave speakers. In this kuliyyah, the students: men and women are segragated where they can't see each other (being done for the sake of emaan). After the talk, during the Q&A session, a sister asked a qs behind the tabir they put in between these 2 groups of different genders. And wallahi, according to the ustadz, the sister spoke in a very sweet and lady-like tone! Guess what happened next? After the kuliyyah finished, many brothers approached the ustadz asking about the sister-"Has she married?"

Hey, i'm not condemning anyone here-not even condemning the brothers. But you see, if that's what happened when the tabir is on and that men's gaze is protected, what do you think will happen if the gaze isn't being lowered and taken care of?..

Now, can you see the importance of the eyes(the gaze) and its effect towards the heart(The emaan)? hope you do inshaAllah..

Another thing that disappoint me most is that these sisters of mine are among the members of some so called religious societies! Mm.. Still, some of these societies are not portraying the good and examplary muamalah that we all can practice with..

As i said before, this are just my thoughts, my observations supported by my experiences and limited knowlegde.. All good things come from Allah and all imperfections are from me as to my weaknesses..

Astaghfirullaha wa atubu ilaih..
May Allah forgive all the wrong sayings..
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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Traveler's Heart..


May every word i'm about to share with you after this is being counted by Allah subhana huwa ta'ala as a way of me reaching to HIS MERCY and BLESSINGS.

Being accounted as a token of my love and gratitude towards HIS GUIDANCE all this while, in times of i'm being heedless or in times of hardships.. But most of the times- i know and i believe in one thing;

HE NEVER LEAVES ANY OF HIS SERVANTS ON THIS EARTH WITHOUT HIS GUIDANCE for we all came to know that HE is THE MOST BELOVED and THE MOST MERCIFUL-even far more than a mother towards her very own child..

SubhanAllah. Isn't Allah is THE GREATEST? But why are we still abusing, forgetting and denying HIM?..

Oo you who believes in Allah, isn't your heart shivering when HIS names are being mentioned?
Isn't your heart feeling the sweetness of remembering HIM?
Isn't your heart craving for HIS guidance, love and mercy?
Aren't you wanting to be closer to HIM as the time pasts?..
Or isn't your heart feeling any of these??
Ask yourself-how is your imaan today?..

Oo believers..
How close you are with Allah as compared to your own self?
As to your own self-admiration?

And you and i know..
We all know..
How much have we returned to HIM in times only when we feel hopeless and then turn our faces away from HIM, back to times we were forgetting HIM..
But why?
After all this 'drama' you played..
After all the granted prayers and wishes you've asked from HIM..
You are now turning away from HIM? Again??

Oo you people who believe in the day of meeting Allah
Oo you travelers..
Hasn't Allah became your MOST beloved in heart..
Hasn't you felt how CLOSE HE is to your soul..
Don't you feel any of these?..

You and i- we are all travelers..
In a long journey to reach to the destiny..
But how far have we been to?
How much of our time left?
I'm reminding you and also myself
Our time has came almost to the end..

How should we behave-as a traveler?
Have you not seen and taken previous nation as an example?
Prophet Muhammad salallahu 'alaihi wassalam as the best?
The first generation of al-Quran?..
Look at how they cling their hearts to the rememberance of Allah?
The Hereafter?
Always missing the meeting day.. Their absolute destination..
Their hearts are all attached to what Allah has promised for them there..
Also in worries if they can't reach there..
So they tried very hard to do the best in everything-every path they have taken..
Their hearts are no longer attached to this dunya- and they take only what they need here on their way to there..
Taking only what's enough for them for this journey..
Taking what's BEST for a traveler..

If you ask me,
"What will you want to bring with you on your way to there?.."

I'll say..
I want to bring the best that i could have and get from this dunya..
All the things that Allah pleases with..
A piece of pure heart-pure soul..
A piece of heart that clings to the rememberance of HIM there..
I'll bring a piece of a traveler's heart..

All these are reminders-I'm reminding everyone including myself..
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