Friday, December 16, 2011

My Favorite Dua In The Quran (Part 1) - Nouman Ali Khan

The du'a he mentioned is my fave du'a in Al-Quran too.. :)
(WATCH THE VIDEO to know what du'a it is!)

And i still remember my first du'a!
"Oo Allah, i know i'm not good but please make me a good person"

And alhamdulillah till today Allah keeps giving me chance to improve myself to be a better person.

All praises to Allah :)

ps: Don't forget to watch the 2nd part of the short lecture!

Wassalamu'alaykum wrm wbt~

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Finding Your Way: Stop Living a Dream



Just finished watching a GOOOOOD video. MashaAllah. You've gotta watch this too!

Specially for those who are still in search of the truth- not knowing which path to take, how to trace and how to stay on that path you are convinced to be- TRUE. :)

FINDING YOUR WAY by Bro Nouman Ali Khan (NAK) with Bro Eddie in The Deen Show

"I  used to go to pub, disco, have girlfriends, doing this  haram thing and doing that... etc..."

Now you want to change. Or you are changing and improving (alhmdulillah!)
But one thing bothers you a great deal:

"Which path should i take? How to start? How to remain on this path i'm taking?"

You see, when we ask for direction, it means we are asking for guidance, agreed? And..... there must be people before who sincerely asked this same direction (that you are now asking for too). And...... there must be other people who led these to this direction/path. Uhuh. THERE MUST BE.

But the issues here:
  • Some don't follow that direction given to them (but they asked for it before) tho' they are SHOWN the direction clearly. They see the truth but DISREGARD it, they IGNORE it.
  • Some accept the guidance, wanting to follow the direction but they add 'FLAVOUR' to the guidance according to their own wimps, lusts, desires. Thus get confused and deviated (!)
  • Some accept the guidance as the way it is, trace the path as directed and walk upon the same path of those sincere people who looked for same path.
May Allah protect and save from becoming those who deviate and increase in guidance. Amin!

Bro NAK's advice to finding your way to the truth:
  • Be sincere to your Creator.
  • Accept HIM as your Lord.
  • Ask HIM (sincerely!) to show you the path; and
  • Ask HIM to show you those who walked down the same path and succeeded.
  • Ask HIM to keep you away from those who walked down the path but then get LOST-went astray or earned God's wrath.
What are our 'measuring stick' to know, maintain our search in truth?
Well.. you have to watch to know more!

SIMPLE FORMULA (yet dofficult for some people to do) to find and stay firm on the path of truth:
  • Sincerely put time (and effort!) into doing this.
  • Take yourself AWAY from distractions and delusions that take you away from this quest of truth.
  • Since you have asked sincerely to your Lord to show you the way, BE READY to whatever you will get (be submissive), put your ego on the ground-as you might find the truth opposed to your desires and wimps.. (i believe this is the toughest part. May Allah give strength! amin)

Great analogies, stories and explanation he gave especially the one regarding our best asset in life: TIME.

It's scary to discover the real fact about time. SubhanAllah!

Brothers and sisters- WAKE UP.

"Once you have OPENED your eyes, don't let them SHUT again.."

A reminder specially made for me, before others...


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just A Tear For The One We Fear - Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda

Just a Tear For The One We Fear..

A very captivating, motivating, iman-boosting lecture! MashaAllah..

Few GEMs from Syaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda (You gotta watch to learn more!):

"..As you continue to increase your public presence; to raise you voice and talk out and speak to people, engage with the people-make sure yout INTIMACY WITH ALLAH also increases.."

"If i'm working a lot more with the community but i'm not also gradually increasing my time that i personally spend with Allah whether that be in prayer or that deep in thought or that be making zhikr or that be reciting Quran, just sitting there and thinking.."

"Find time for yourself with Allah alone"

"Your (personal) relationship with Allah, NOBODY can define that for you.."

"Hard to love without knowing.. 'Who is Allah?'.."

"Don't you EVER (DARE!) to despair from the Mercy of Allah.."

May Allah help us to preserve our eman, increase our knowledge and to act upon it sincerely for HIS sake..
May we meet agin in Jannatul A'la..

Till we meet again, if Allah wills..
Wassalamu'alaykum wrm..
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

World in the Hands, Allah in the heart


A must watch video~

Ever wonder why muslim ummah nowadays incompetent with the non-muslims? Why are the Jews so successful, wealthy-in all aspects? Why not us to have the worlds, in our hands?

Ever think of struggling in becoming the wealthiest person in the world but having the thought "I shouldn't. Islam teaches us to be ZUHUD!"- are you sure that's how Islam defines zuhud? Or you are just confuse?

Ever wonder why we are taught to teach our children 3 things: archery, swimming and riding the horse (where most people probably say, "Preparation for the war, of course"...? Unnecessarily true. That's not the main reason!

To know you gotta watch this lecture!!!
(So excited and motivated! MashaAllah. May Allah bless syaykh Tawfique Chowdhury. Aaaamin.)

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Muhammad's Company (salallahu 'alayh wasalam)

By Fatima bint Barakatullah
(A student of Islam in London)

My heart yearns to be in your company,
Proclaim your call, setting shackled minds free,

Defend your person, fulfill every decree,
Fight at your side, repel each enemy,

See your face, with its moon-like quality,
Would that this honour be given to me,

Yet, regret I must, I am not worthy,
Unfit to be in blessed company,

Of those for whom Jannah was destiny,
The chosen few, who were exemplary,

Hand-picked by Ar-Rahman, honoured to be,
Friends travelling with you on your journey,

Companions of your blessed history.
I swear, as long as there is breath in me,

In your footsteps will I traverse patiently,
Striving, longing for the day that I may be,

United in your blessed company.

Source click here
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Friday, August 19, 2011

How Do I Excel? Let Me Tell (Ramadaan) 3/7



It may seem normal for us to say "i remember Allah, i mention Allah, invoke HIM at most time.."
Fine. Not a big deal.

What if Allah says HE remembers you and MENTION you?
It's a GREAT deal for HIM to mention you out of all people!

Oo Allah, make us all among these people who YOU call and mention to YOURSELF!

Let's establish our relationship with the Book of Allah (Al-Quran)!
Let's race for the best aite? :)

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gotta Work Hard! inshaaaa-Allah


How many of us are DISTRACTED from doing what we've planned to do specifically during this Ramadhan?
Sometimes we need time for ourselves to just sit back and ponder(self-avaluate) upon what have we achieved so far..

Telling this to myself-first and foremost-before others..

Yup. We all want to go Jannah! inshaAllah!
But jannah IS NOT CHEAP..

Gotta work hard for it!

Whatever we do, do them sincerely for HIS sake alone and in correct manners (based upon profound knowledge!)

Best asset one has=TIME
(So don't waste our time!)

Thank Allah that HE gives us chance today to work on our eeman. Alhmdulillah!
Let's booooosst it up more during this special month of 'SOUL-RESURRECTION'.
(As we are refraining ourselves from permissible acts. E.g. EAT and focusing most on important acts)


MAy Allah 'azza wa jal accept all of our du'a(s) and good deeds..
May Allah give us chance to dwell in HIGHEST palace in Jannat ul a'la..
May Allah build for us gardens near to habeebuna Muhammad salallahu 'alayh wasalam's gardens and dwellings..
May Allah save us from being among those who HE deprives from all the un-amaginable rewards HE stores for those people of success in the hereafter..
May Allah be pleased with us fiddunya wal akhira and save from HIS scary punishment(!)
May Allah blessed us all in this month of Ramadhan and give us grade A+ for graduating SUCCESSFULLY and with EXCELLENCE from this school of tests and struggles!
(A loud) Aaaaamin!
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tawwwwwwheeeeed :)


In Depth Analysis and Tafseer of Surah 112 Ikhlas by Nouman Ali Khan

Let's get to know ALLAH~
It is to HIM you turn to. There's not a single problem created by man that Allah couldn't solve. To Allah: you'll always go and you'll always get. Lovely :)

Enjoy the video aite?

May Allah make us all among those who understand, internalize and practice al_quran along with the sunnah of habeebuna Muhammad salallahu 'alayh wasalam. Aaaaamin!
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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Results Reflect YOU

His famous quote in class. Now they stuck in my head.
Good. At least i'm aware now. "You. Bad Muslims!"
Will always remember that.
Everything we did in class-for all the mistakes, it was us to be blamed, and we should be.

"Your group project's grade reflects you and your group members! Your attitude! NO unity and cooperation among you! How can you call yourself 'MUSLIM'?!"
"This building will collapse if anyone of you got 'A' in your group assignment. I challenge you. Muslims usually don't perform well. Why? Because they are lazy!"
"How many could get 100% out of 100% or 40% out of 40% for your final exam? Very rare-impossible!"
"You should have been scoring! But you don't! Why? Because you don't read! And because you-MUSLIMS"
Or he said something similar. We were scolded in class. SubhanAllah.
He even told us why he was emphasizing sooooo much on grammar (in writing our articles, answering exam questions).
“Do you think Allah will be pleased with you if you read Al-Quran simply as how you wanted to(without tajweed)? Do you think your friends will like it when you speak to them your own style/language simply the way you like eventhough they don’t?”
True indeed. L
“You think you can answer your exam if you don’t read your textbook? If you don’t study? How can you stand for Islam when people talk bad about Islam when you don’t have knowledge (0%!) about your religion!”
He was explaining to us how can our attitude and habits affect our attitude towards Islamic practices as well. Astaghfirullah.. So many things to improve on! Allah musta’an..
I could see he was quite upset with us all.
But all in all, it was such an eye-opener!
You know in what class were we?
Uhuh. You read me.
Not in any Islamic-core subject class in my university as u might think.
At first, you might think this lecturer of mine is just being sceptical towards muslims (as a whole), or you might say, waaaaaay sceptical. But no he's not. Infact, he was right! He was pin-pointing our mistakes-as MUSLIMS.
So improve! Get moving now oo you muslims.
Wallahi i like his class! The best ‘eman-rejuvenator’ and 'head-knocker' ever! In his own style, of course. MashaAllah! Thanks dear lecturer. We learned a lot from you. Alhamdulillah :)
1. Portray good attitude, behave REALLY well wherever you are. Be a likeable-muslim since all muslims should aware their "I'M A MUSLIM" name tag brings with them their religion name, which is obviously ISLAM. You wouldn't want to tarnish your religion's beautiful image with your nasty behaviour, would you? Please please please.........DON'T.

If you are a student of knowledge, ACT LIKE ONE. Have adab in seeking knowledge. Respect your lecturer. Take your studies seriously. As a student, it's your duty to learn by heart and hard, perform REALLY well in your projects, assignments, exams, just everything that's assigned to you that need to be accomplished! Why? Because your duty=your amanah. At MOST, aren't you afraid being questioned by Allah for not (at least TRYING) fulfilling your amanah in best manner? Allahu yahdina..
3. Don't give chance to others to pin-point your weaknesses! One common mistake:LAZINESS. Would you want Islam to be associated with this nasty attitude of yours?
4. Proof of Concept. You have been propagating how cool Islam is.. How awesome is its teaching.. How 'pure' and humanly muslims should be.. Etc.. But i wonder, why aren't all these 'cool-awesome-pure' islamic image reflected from you, so called 'MUSLIMS'? So get yourself 'islamized' first before you're to islamize others. Proof the islamic concepts to be true.
"Hey, u said Islam is *this* and *that*. But you got the lowest mark in class. You got the lowest grade in your projects and assignments. What's so great on becoming a muslim? So Islam isn't great after all."
ABOVE: Please don't let this happen-ever! That people wouldn't want to become Muslim or not to even come NEAR to Islam, to learn it because of you! Na'udzhubillahi min dzalik! :(
5. Be open up to criticism. If the critics are constructive eventhough they appear to be negative to you, say 'Alhamdulillah. Thanks to the critics, i'm able to know what are my mistakes and i'm going to IMPROVE on them'. Not to complain. Accept it with a sincere heart to make a change..
@But if the critics are the DESTRUCTIVE ones-which are of NO HELP to increase your eeman or your knowledge, then ignore and walk away. These kind of critics will only retard your motivation or self-esteem :(
6. Intend-Visualize. Everything you do, start with the right INTENTION-to fulfill your amanah for the sake of pleasing your LORD (Allah swt) alone, in best manner full of excellence (ihsan) while VISUALIZING:
  • the MOST : the end reward from Allah (ya'ni Jannatul a'la with everything you were promised to have in there-lots of food and fruits, peaceful greetings and no vain/insulting talks, pleasing companions and neighbors, ect.. It's the ULTIMATE success inshaAllah! ; or
  • the LEAST: your high achievements and success in dunya~ :)
'MUSLIM' is a term used to define every individual that practices a beautiful, comprehensive and excellent religion called ISLAM. Unfortunately, not all today's muslims are TRULY trying to become a REAL muslim. They are just a 'MUSLIM' by name, not a FULL-TIME muslim. (i’m not trying to generalize here-not ALL but some/many L )
Na'udzhubillahi min dzalik.
Sorry if i'd ever insulted or offended anyone, didn't mean to do so. Was just reminding myself before others in TRYING to become a REAL-practicing muslima. That's all.
May Allah be pleased. Aameen.
pss: Am comparing my muslim friends from Malaysia and from other foreign countries (in focus: non-muslim countries and west). Found that my foreign friends are more committed and diligent in practising Islam-whole-heartedly! Maybe Malaysian muslims (again, in large, not saying ALL Malaysian muslims) are taking Islam much for granted than these people who hardly having FREEDOM practising this seemingly-strange religion in non-muslim countries. SubhanAllah.
May Allah put firmness in you heart my dear sisters (and brothers out there) to practice this beautiful deen-perfect way of life. Aameen..
If you think you are a good muslim but having hard time to swallow/digest people's advice, think again

Wassalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Al Quran = Boring? Yes?

Sweet sister : Wana join us to a class?

Nice sister : What class?

Sweet sister : Class on Tafseerul Quran. Trust me you'll like it!

Nice sister : Err.. You mean i will learn Quran throughout the class? Reciting it? (with eagerness to hear an impossible 'NO')

Sweet sister : It's a QURAN class. Of course we'll start with its recitation. Why?..

Nice sister : Mm.. Boring. No thanks.

.....Erk? Boring? BORING? B-O-R-I-N-G??



I believe many of us are familiar with above situation. Whether you being the sweet sister dealing with people who act more like the nice sister and they could be your.....



close friends

any close individual to you!


it was you: the nice sister,

with the firm-unshakeable-BIG tree (your idea!) planted there on a piece of land called 'brain' with huge thorny black-roses trees surrounding it and a clear warning board hung up having a saying written on it:

"Miss Tree said Al Quran is boring-THAT'S FINAL" :)

Khayr. It stuck there in your mind, "Al-Quran = Boring"


Who's fault? No one's? Yours? Your parents? Your friends? Your childhood Quranic teacher who acted more like a mean-heartless police officer as portrayed in most movies?

No? None of the above?

Or all of the above?

Fine. No "Who's fault?" or "It's your fault!".

No accusing. No blaming.

Only S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N.

Click here for the picture

So do you have any idea how to make The Quran

as appealing as vanilla ice-cream full chocolate toping, (Yummy!)

as cool as ice, (Kids, ice not healthy)

as luring as a bar of chocolate, (Can't trust you with chocolate-MINE!)

as interesting as Bollywood movie? ( I don't watch Hindustani film)

or, at least,

as pleasing as seeing your mommy? (Aww.. Allah bless you sweetie)

Aha. I have few tit-bits for you ;)

1. Change your new BFF (Best Friend Forever)..

Well, you could still have your recent BFFs remain as they are-not to neglect them or something but from now on, i want you to have NEW bff= BFFLH!


which is Your Quran :)

2. BFFLH vs iPod Touch Screen

You would want to return to your house which is 15 minutes (or more than 30 minutes!) away from the spot you are standing on now just for the sake of your iPod (Or any phone you are so in love with) or what u call as 'My Baby'?

Then do the same to your Quran! I'm not talking about the BIG Quran you have in your CLOSET-untouched for centuries. Go get small one, a cute one which suits you-so that you'll have enough space to easily put into or tug it out of your small bag. (You can find plenty of the small Quran of various designs and colours in the market, with translation. Insha Allah :)

3. Learn different ways to 'communicate' with your BFFLH

Just as how easily you could get bored with the same song (used-to-be your FAVE that you keep listening to, humming and singing, and the whole city knows it) as you keep listening to it over and over and over................. again. So now, you're telling me this syeikh so and so's recitation is SO BORING? Who told you to listen the same song over and over and over................. again? And who told you to listen to only one qari(Quran reciter)? It’s like:

“Now i’m feeling a bit sleepy, need to be a bit waky and freshy. Let’s listen to Sheikh Emad Al-Mansary/Bro Muhammad Taha/Bro Ahmad Saud’s recitation!”

Instead of listening to Sheikh Mansary al Afasy or Syed al Ghamidi who recite so nice that could put me to a heartfelt and tearful mood for my muhasabah session with my BFFLH. Let’s be creative suiting and matching these different qari-s to our different mood. Do you get what i’m trying to say here? J

There are so many awesome reciters out there, over the internet. Just click search, find few which suit your mood and preference, keep them in you MP3 player (better MP4 player-download videos from YouTube, HalalTube, and listen to them interchangeably anytime and anywhere you want. Easy. Fun. Sweet. No more excuses, alright? :)

4. Treat your BFFLH well, yet the BEST

Tell me how do you treat your BFFs? How do you behave with them? You consult them almost all the times, correct? Sad, happy, excited, gloomy or feeling bloomy, you will express them all out to your devout BFFs. Now, treat your BFFLH waaaaay better than that. Before you meet BFFs, consult BFFLH first. Open your cute-small Quran randomly, read the page, contemplate. Or better, read the suitable surah for each condition. For example, when you feel sad, read surah Yusuf. Contemplate on the hardship Prophet Yusuf (may peace be upon him) undergone-betrayal, imprisonment, seduction, lonelines/away from beloved family, etc..

"Oo my BFFLH, i feel extremely sad, make me happy.. :("

pss: Al-Quran is not a living thing. Bear in mind it is Allah 'azza wa jal you're consulting. The above is just the analogy to help you how to behave towards Al-Quran. Or better, it shoud sound this way:

“Oo Allah, i feel extremely sad, make me happy..”

Anyway, what else better than reading Al-Quran with understanding as a way to communicate with your LORD, Allah, in prayers, or best at all times? Agree? :)

Ok. All tips above seem to be more effective for ourselves, not helping much to attract others to love the quran, u might think. Uhuh. That's my point. You start first. Then inshaAllah you will be able to share the beauty of the Quran and the miracles it has with the others. InshaAllah..

Trust me. Who else is HAPPIER than the one who feels peace in his/her heart at most of the times? And who else could feel and be in that state other than the one who is always with Allah, in HIS rememberence? And tell me who else is closer to Allah than the one who's BFFLH is The Quran? Who reads, contemplates, understands and lives by its advices-the teachings? And of course the best example in understanding our BFFLH is habeebuna Muhammad (s).. :)

You don't trust me? Of course you won't! Because you have not tried. That's why..

Try first, you will learn well from experience. It will work. Insha Allah

You just need to struggle a bit, with patience (as-sabr) and perseverence (al-istiqamah) ;)

Mistakes are from me , please forgive the imperfect-me.

All the goodness you get is from Allah, thank Allah, alhamdulillah.

The rest, wallahu a'lam (And Allah knows best)

Read! Or at least listen to its recitation? :)
Click here for the picture

pss: Have so many tips to share with you, but next time maybe ;)

May Allah make us among those who love knowledge and best of knowledge is the divine knowledge: Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. Aamin..

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Amazing Old Man


Here's a story i read from FB (About an old man who was so concern being on time to mosque-crawling!)
SubhanAllah! Amazing..

On the road to Dubai, my husband stopped at a small mosque to offer the Asr prayer. As I sat in the car, I saw a figure approaching from the direction of a small group of houses. It took some time before I realised it was a man, crawling towards the mosque. He wore rubber sandals on his hands. His lower body dragged on the hard, rocky ground. The sweltering heat was beating down hard on his body. By the time he reached the courtyard of the mosque, I could see he was soaked and his face was flushed. Many men passed him on their way to the prayer, perhaps accustomed to seeing him everyday. One man came out of a shop and watched him for a while. He went back into the shop and came out with a cold drink. He opened it for the crawling man and they sat together for a minute. I heard them talking as the man who offered him the cold drink requested that he would help the crawling man to make it up the stairs to the mosque. He was concerned about making it on time, so he excused himself and continued his slow, laboured journey to the prayer.

I did not watch him as he mounted the stairs. I could not imagine how to help him. I was crying by then, remembering the Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh): "The hypocrites find the Fajr and Isha prayers in congregation very oppressive. If they could know the virtues of these two prayers, they would certainly join them, even if they had to go crawling." (Bukhari, Muslim)

This man, who literally did crawl even in the heat of the day, did not find the congregational prayer oppressive at all. May Allah reward all who struggle to please Him and may He always remind us of our own weaknesses through such people.

By: Um Yaqoob
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Abu Bakr(r.a) and A Tree

Abu Bakr once disputed with another companion about a tree. During the dispute Abu Bakr said something that he rather would not have said. He did not curse, he did not attack someone’s honor, he did not poke a fault in anyone, all he said was something that may have hurt the other companion’s feelings.

Immediately, Abu Bakr – understanding the mistake - ordered him, “Say it back to me!” The companion said, “I shall not say it back.” “Say it back to me,” said Abu Bakr, “Or I shall complain to the Messenger of Allah.” The companion refused to say it back and went on his way.

Abu Bakr went to Rasul Allah and related what had happened and what he said. Rasul Allah called that companion and asked him, “Did Abu Bakr say so and so to you?” He said, “Yes.” He said, “What did you reply.” He said, “I did not reply it back to him.” Rasul Allah said, “Good, do not reply it back to him (do not hurt Abu Bakr). Rather say, ‘May Allah forgive you O Abu Bakr!’”

The Companion turned to Abu Bakr and said, “May Allah forgive you O Abu Bakr! May Allah forgive you O Abu Bakr!” Abu Bakr turned and cried as he walked away.

Let us leave today with a resolve to revive this air Rasul Allah and his companions breathed, an air of mercy and love and brotherhood.

And Allah knows best.

Taken from here: When Friends Hurt Each Other

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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Bismillah.. Assalamu'alaykum..

A nice article to share for today..

“And strain not your eyes in longing for the things We have given for enjoyment to various groups of them.” (Qur’an, 20:131)


“Contentment is a treasure that never perishes.”

What happens then is every time we meet a potential for marriage, we hope they are the One. We project all of our dreams and emotional baggage on the poor person. We expect them to be that which they are not. Then we get married and discover the true person. We divorce. Then we repeat the same cycle, living miserably ever after.

While some people do actually find their SSM, most people don’t (including the actors in those movies). Despite this, some people still live happily! Omar (ra) said, “Love is not the only component for building successful families.” Happiness can still be achieved with someone short of the ideal spouse. The key is to accept what one has. A beautiful Arabic proverb says: “Contentment is a treasure that never perishes.” If a person is content with a difficult situation, he will be happy; if he is discontent with a good situation, he will never be happy.

Here are a few things that could help:

  1. Stop watching those romantic comedies. Most of those stories are more ‘fiction’ than Avatar.
  2. Remember, you’re not perfect yourself, even if your mother thinks you are.
  3. Get to know your spouse as they are, not as you wish for them to be. Each person has their own individuality, and if you accept them as they are, you may find someone very beautiful. Put an effort into discovering your other half, without any prior judgment. But essential for that is…
  4. … not to criticize them and to make them feel uncomfortable. When people feel they’re constantly monitored and evaluated, they act very sloppy and awkward and could never blossom, showing their true beauty.
  5. Do not define them by their shortcomings. In a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah in Sahih Muslim, our Prophet ﷺ said:“A believing man would never feel repulsed by his believing wife; if finds something about her that he dislikes, he will always find something else about her that satisfies him.”
  6. Keep in mind that Mr. or Mrs. Super-Perfect DOES NOT exist. What about Khadija (R), you ask? She was perfect and real, wasn’t she? Yes, she was real, for someone like the Prophet ﷺ. It would not be fair to hold that perfect woman as the minimum acceptable standard; that unless my wife is like her, she won’t be good enough. Khadijah was indeed the maximum - the best a woman can be. The Prophet ﷺ said four women attained perfection. Only Khadijah amongst them was married to a prophet. In a hadith narrated in the Musnad, the Prophet ﷺ said Allah sent 124,000 prophets, yet only one of the perfect women was married to a prophet. So 123,999 prophets had less-than-perfect wives. Some, like the great Prophets Nuh and Lut (`alayhi assalam) even had bad wives. Something to think about.
  7. Have taqwa (God-consciousness) of Allah in whatever you do and keep in mind His reward. Omar (ra) said, “We found the joy of our lives in patience (sabr).”
  8. To make it easier on others, if you are blessed with a great spouse, then praise be to Allah. Just don’t make it difficult on the others, by continuously telling them how perfect your spouse is.
  9. Finally, if you still feel a compulsion to compare with others, then you should compare with those that have less. The Prophet ﷺ recommended for this, as “it makes it easier for you to appreciate the blessings of your Lord.”

Full article click here
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guess what? He's a MUSLIM :)

He's a straight A's student

The asset for his basketball team
(well, he's small but that's not an excuse for him to be the star ;)

He's humble and likeable.

But the most important part is that

He's a small, ordinary muslim guy but confident and able to stand firm for his belief and has gained respect from others. MashaAllah

Watch this video! May Allah make us all the leaders of the muttaqin. Amin

SubhanAllah. A muslim truly is the best human kind in this world!

As he's having the best BOOK OF GUIDANCE (al-Quran) and the best ROLE MODEL (Prophet Muhammad salallahu 'alayh waslm)...


He BELIEVES and put priority to HIS RELIGION as HIS DEEN (way of life) to guard, secure, guide his affairs in all matters :)

ps: No more waiting for someone else to be our 'wall' for us to lean on! Let's start becoming one! Let's don't wait. InshaAllah

We're not weak, ya know? :)


'You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. you enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. if only the People pf the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. Among them are believers, but most of them are defiantly disobedient.."

(Ali 'Imran:110)

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I feel Quran is reading me...

Isn't Al-Quran enough to prove everything?..

I still remember my first time holding it in my hands,
my first time to really read it with understanding,
my first time reading it by heart (Wallahee it was the MOST beautiful feeling!)
and felt like not wanting to let it go-NEVER!

How about you?
Still remember yours?

May Al-Quran be your best BOOK OF GUIDANCE. Aaameen :)

May your life full of contentment and tranquility=your best gift of life.

EnchaAllah :)

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Make The Most of Life

O those who want to make good use of this life!

O those who wish to live a happy life!

The pleasant days and nights to spend..
The mornings and evenings to spend..

Increase the salah (prayers)!
Verily in prayers is the connection between a servant and his Lord..

Increase the salah (prayers)!
Verily prayers show the servant's love for his Lord..

"And MY servant continues to come closer to me by (performing) optional acts of worship until I love him..
And when I love him, I become his hearing from which he hears
And his eyes from which he sees..
And his feet from which he walks..
And his hands from he strikes..
And if he asks ME for something, then I will certainly give!
And if he seeks refuge from ME, then I will certainly give him refuge!"

Prayer is a NUR (light)..
A nur in this life..
And a nur in the afterlife..
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Better Now Than Later

"Oh that i regret..
On the day that the victors will be rewarded,
and the sucessful ones will succeed..
And i will arrive empty-handed from my time
(spent in this world).."


Let's not waste our time anymore..

Let's get prepared..




ps: Be an excellent-comprehensive muslim/ma!

The one who could make our beloved Prophet Muhammad salallahu 'alahi waslm proud of.

Let's be real.

Let's be one.


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