Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Sharing this heart-moving article written by our great and beloved scholar (may Allah bless his soul. Amin)
As if he understood us well, subhanAllah.

May Allah make us all among the 1st type of youth.

Dilemma Facing The Youth

A glance at the youthIf we closely exam the the youth, it will be possible for us to conclude that the youth are generally of three types: Rightly guided youth, deviated or perverted youth and youth who are confused (between evil and good).
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who's approval?

How happy a person may be for having his/her parents' approval of the spouse to be..
So happy that he/she may feel like telling and sharing the news with everyone !
Btw, why wouldn't he?
Why wouldn't she?

After all this while,
After all the struggles he/she might have had, to convince the parents to understand and accept...

Who wouldn't he or she feel happy? :)

AS i was pondering, i was thinking to myself this;
if that person could be so happy to have the MOST important person's approval to what is so dear to his/her heart, HOW ABOUT ALLAH? How would we feel if we get the approval from HIM to all that we do?

Have i made this my 'THE-most' thing to be concerned of?..


The best approval and most-worthy one to seek for- Allah's approval.

Does Allah approve this?
Does Allah like this for me?
Is Allah happy with me?

Oo Allah, let our concern be seeking your pleasure-the most. Amin..
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