Friday, August 16, 2013

We miss all of you


This thought came to my mind today;

Zaid al khattab radhiyallahu 'anhu(r.a) had superseded Omar al khattab(r.a) in accepting islam and died as martyr.. and Omar r.a. had not, before him.

Indeed, by Allah's greatest plan, Allah The All Knowing spared him (Omar al khattab r.a.) for the ummah. The people of his time were blessed to have him as the caliph. And blessed his pious predecessors, like Omar abdul aziz.. and we muslims today benefit a lot from them..

Allahuakbar. Indeed, Allah knows best and He has the best of interests for His believing slaves.. Allahuakbar..

O'self, be truthful to Allah, His Messenger Muhammad salallahu 'alayhi wasalam and to Islam..

Ya rabb, increase us in imaan, taqwa and righteous deeds. Aameen..

Ya rabb, gather us all in jannah. Grant us jannatul firdausil A'la. Aameen..

We truly miss all of you, the best generation of Islam.. We truly do..
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