Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Think You Can't Do It? Think Again..

"I'm sure i can do this!"

At 1st, you might be 'confident' enough when you decide on something that you know it could change your life better (in some ways, eventhough it seems not to others)

"Hey, don't you know that's impossible! It's hard.. I'm sure you can't... bla.. bla.. bla (sort of thing)

Then you might be dichotomous, uncertain about your decisions (on anything!). Whether to go with it, or to 'back off'..

Sometimes it's hard to make decisions for our own life, agree? But there's always a solution for this and maybe MORE!. As i'm practising it and it works for me, i'm sure it will too, for you insyaAllah..

This principle is well explained in a saying of Aishah. She said: "Whenever the Prophet had to choose between two options, he always opted for the easier choice." (Al-Bukhari)To choose the easiest option means to begin from the possible, and one who begins from the possible will surely reach his goal.

(I got this tip from an article posted in Madina.com. MashaAllah. Nice one!)

So, if you don't actually know how or where to start(in making decisions), follow this tip, you know what is beyond your reach, am i right? (^_^)

"Errr...what if what i've decided to do is something hard to do?? Many people told me it's hard and impossible, ya know.."

Well, many people told you it's hard, but for some people, it seems so easy! Eventhough it's hard, some people managed to succeed..

"But how??"

Well, just stop from being pessimist., be optimist, will ya?? Look, observe carefully and learn from those who succeed.. Just like our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).Even Thomas Carlyle said that other than being a hero, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is also the BEST example for human kind.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? A non-muslim is actually telling you this! So, you should really follow Prophet(peace be upon him) steps as he has shown us the way of achieving supreme success in this world.

"But people are still telling that i've made a WRONG decision because it's not easy.."

Here's something for you then;

In the early days of Mecca, there were many problems and difficulties. At that time, a guiding verse in the Qur’an was revealed. It said: "With every hardship there is ease, with every hardship there is ease." (94:5-6).This means that if there are some problems, there are also opportunities at the same time. And the way to success is to ignore the problems and avail the opportunities.

(as copied from Madina.com)

There, Allah has told you to believe in yourself. Just don't tell me that you don't trust Allah's promises~

Bout the 'hard-tough-decision' that you've made and that many people seem to disagree, you can actually choose..It's all about


As what has been said by Ayoob, who has been so positive in his life:

"Each morning I wake up and say to myself,' Ayoob, Allah has given you two choices today.
a. You can choose to be in a good mood or you can choose to be in a bad mood.' I choose to be in a good mood.
b.Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it.
c. Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their complaining or I can point out the positive side of life. I choose the positive side of life."

Ahah! See, told you~

Just look at the bright side of eveything eventhough the 'cloudy-gloomy-dark' side do exist. Hey, it's up to you to choose where to look at. As i said before, eventhough there are people who failed, there are also people who succeed. So, why don't you become one? (^_^)

p/s: I sometimes feel 'down', A LOT! Not certain bout my own decision. This morning i sent a message over the ym and asked my dad bout a TOUGH-goin-to-kill-me kinda decision. What enlightened me a bit was his answer:

My dad: "Yes u can becoz someone else did that too."

It's just that, i am sometimes lost focus. And bout this, my dad had his saying right:

My dad: "U have to be fully commited to it"

Exactly! I just have to be committed to it because i know that Allah is always wit me (and you too!).. As long as we work hard n smart, be committed n istiqamah, be more patient, always try to be better, tawakal.. InsyaAllah the success could be ours! (^_^)

Innallaha ma'ana....


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Friday, October 23, 2009

The LOVE in ISLAM.. (^_^)


I once read that Rasulullah s.a.w said, if we love our sahabah, go tell them how much you love them because of Allah!

Here’s a nice story shared by Abu Hurairah r.a:

There was a man that came to Rasulullah s.a.w. and our beloved Prophet s.a.w sent that man to his wives but they said,

“We have nothing except water(to drink)”.

Then, Rasulullah s.a.w asked,

“ Who is willing to have this man as a guest and serve him?”

So an Anshor man
answered, “I do”.

Thus, the kind man brought his guest home to his wife and told her to serve their guest with food. But the wife said,
“We have nothing left except food for our children.”

(And can you guess what did the kind man say to his obedient wife?.. )
“Prepare the food(for the guest) and light up the lamp and get the children into bed when they ask for dinner(mind that it was at night)”.

Then the wife started to prepare for the dinner, light up the lamp and took the
children to bed. After that, she stood up as if she wanted to adjust the lamp or something and set the light off. In the dark, this pair of couple started to act as if they are eating too! And they actually chewed nothing! They acted that way so that their guest thought they are having dinner with him! And they ended sleeping that night without eating anything..

Can u imagine, willing to starve the whole night just to satisfy his musleem brother? And they didn’t even care. Plus, they felt satisfy that way.. How thoughtful! Now, let’s read what happened on the next day..

So, by the very next morning, this kind man went out to see Rasulullah s.a.w and he told everything that happened last night. Then our beloved Prophet s.a.w said,
“Last night, Allah was impressed with what you did..” (As narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

And it was told that this verse of the Holy Book of Al-Quran was then revealed:

"9. And those who had established their home in this city and in faith from before, love those who emigrated to
them, and find not in their breasts, any need for what they have been given and prefer them above their souls,
even though they be badly in need of, and whoso is guarded against the avarice of his own soul, those they
are the successful."

In Malay translation..
9. Dan orang-orang (Ansar) Yang mendiami negeri (Madinah) serta beriman sebelum mereka, mengasihi orang-orang Yang berhijrah ke negeri mereka, dan tidak ada pula Dalam hati mereka perasaan berhajatkan apa Yang telah diberi kepada orang-orang Yang berhijrah itu; dan mereka juga mengutamakan orang-orang Yang berhijrah itu lebih daripada diri mereka sendiri, sekalipun mereka Dalam keadaan kekurangan dan amat berhajat. dan (ingatlah), sesiapa Yang menjaga serta memelihara dirinya daripada dipengaruhi oleh tabiat bakhilnya, maka merekalah orang-orang Yang berjaya.


SubhanAllah.. Isn’t that sweet??....

I’ve always wanted to travel around the world; to India, China, America, Africa, everywhere….
Just to say to all the musleems that I met how much I love them all, because of Allah!
Don’t you feel the same way too?
Don’t you think that’s the sweetest thing to do in our life?
To love and to be loved just because of Allah.. (How sweet..)

Anyway, why not?
We share the same way of life, the same deen we have..
And the most important thing is that we know that we have been worshipping only ONE God that is no God but ALLAH, ONLY HIM and that our beloved Prophet s.a.w. is truly His last messenger.
In fact, we all DO love our Prophet s.a.w..
We even took our syahadah every time of prayers, 5 times a day!
We DO share a lot of things, common things we have, am I right?
Isn’t that the sweetest???

Do you know what do all these explain? I called them as… UKHWAH FILLAH. (^_^)

Let’s say these together. Feel it, deep in your heart, you really mean all these:

I’m a muslim and I’m proud to be one.
I was born in Islam and will remain that way till my day comes.
I believe in Islam’s teachings, more than anyone could imagine!

Can you feel the pride of being a musleem? Here’re the good ones. You should say them out loud:

I love Allah! He’s ArRahman ArRahim. He has all the beautiful names.. (blink blink. Yup! HE does have them all…)
I love Rasulullah! (s.a.w) He’s the greatest man ever. He’s the best idol for all humankind and I’m proud to be his ummah.
I love myself!.. for who I am. I’ll never feel sad, lonely, disappointed, as I know Allah and Rasulullah love me too.. (Surely They love all of us!) (^_^)

I love Allah. I love Rasulullah. I love myself. I really love Islam!

So, brothers and sisters that I love lillahi ta’ala..remember these:

Eventhough we have never met before.
Eventhough we never get to know each other so well,
Eventhough I have never been in your place to experience
all those which caused you pain,
all those “THICK N THINs” you’ve gone through,
all the hard times you have had all by yourselves,
without your family besides you,
without your friends,
(without anybody!)

I just wanted to say that,
We, musleems feel what you feel.
We do feel sad when you are sad.
We do feel the horror, loneliness as you do.
We do feel all those pain that you feel.
You are not alone. Never will.
Because you have us and we have you,
As brothers and sisters in Islam.
WE have Allah.
Isn’t that more than enough?
Isn’t that what we all wanted??

And again, remember this my beloved brothers and sisters that I love because of Allah..


And I once read about a hadith, a nice one. Well, i couldn't remember what was the hadith that i read before and who narrated it, but what i'm trying to say here is that when your brother or sister in Islam is in miserable, we could actually feel it too. ## As we are all tied to a bond-relationship-Ukhwah! And this is the 2nd time i mention about UKHWAH. It is important, my dear brothers and sisters.. (^_^)

"63. And He put affection in their hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth you could not have put affection in
their hearts but Allah have united their hearts. Undoubtedly! It is He, Dominant, Wise."

Love you all because of Allah!


#####p/s: Who knows bout the hadith? The one that i've forgotten? I really want to know the full-narrated one. Tell me if you do. Syukran! (^_^)

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ana mahukan CINTA ALLAH. Antum pula bagaimana?

(You Came to Me by Sami Yusuf)


Hati terkesan seusai menonton video klip ni..


Sungguh, nikmat terbesar bagi kita adalah Islam. Sungguh beruntung kita terpilih menjadi umat nabi Allah yang terakhir, manusia teragung; Our MOST beloved Prophet s.a.w. Some parts of the lyrics:

You Came to Me lyrics

You came to me in that hour of need

When I was so lost, so lonely

You came to me,

took my breath away

Showed me the right way,

the way to lead

You filled my heart with love

Showed me the light above

Now all I want is to be with you

You are my one true love

Taught me to never judge

Now all I want is to be with you

ALLAHUMA! Sal 'ala Sayideena Mustafa'Alaa Habeebika Nabieeka Mustafa

(O God! Send Your Blessings upon our leader, the chosen one (Muhammad (peace upon him))Upon Your Beloved, Your Prophet, the chosen one)

You came to me in a time of despair

I called on you, you were there

Without you what would my life mean?

To not know the unseen,

the worlds between

For you I'd sacrifice

For you I'd give my life

Anything, just to be with you

I feel so lost at times

By all the hurt and lies

Now all I want is to be with you

Showed right from wrong

Taught me to be strong

Need you more than ever

Ya Rasul ALLAH

(O Messenger of God (Muhammad (peace be upon him))

You came to me

In that hour of need

Need you more than ever

Ya Rasul ALLAH

You filled my heart with love

Showed me the light above

Now all I want is to be with you

You are my one true love

Taught me to never judge

Now all I want is to be with you

SubhanAllah.. What a nice song!

Cintakan Rasulullah s.a.w bererti cintakan Al-Khaliq.. Sudahkah kita berusaha mencintai Allah dan RasulNya sepenuh hati? Cukupkah usaha kita? Sejauh mana kebenaran kita dalam mengatakan cinta kita pada Allah? Benarkah Allah sentiasa di hati kita?

Wahai sahabat-sahabat yg sangat ana kasihi kerana Allah..Marilah kita kenali Yang Maha Pencipta, Maha Pemilik cinta yg hakiki. Mari kita cari peluang untuk akrab denganNya. Mari kita mulakan langkah untuk mendekatiNya kerana ketahuilah bahawa Allah lebih hampir dengan kita, lebih hampir drpd apa yg kita jangkakan..

"Apabila kamu mengingatiKu maka Aku pasti mengingatimu.." Al-Baqarah:152

dan ana pasti antum tahu kan bahawa hanya padaNya selayaknya kita berserah diri, bergantung harapan, mohon perlindungan..

"Kamilah pelindung kamu dalam kehidupan di dunia dan Akhirat.." Fussilat:81

Penggunaan "Kami" di sini Allah maksudkan Allah yg bersifat sempurna ZatNya dengan nama-namaNya yg indah. MasyaAllah.. Tak mahukah kita berada di bawah naungan rahmatNya, perlindunganNya yg Maha Sempurna? Ada lagi kah yg lebih baik dari janji-janji Allah wahai sahabat2 yg ana hormati sekalian? Semoga Allah memuliakan kita di dunia dan Akhirat..

"Ya Allah ya Rahman.. Irhamna.. Sayangi kami..

Ya Allah ya Waduud.. Kau anugerahkan rasa kasih dan sayang dalam hati kami, moga tiada lagi kezaliman dan hasad..

Ya Allah ya Ghaffar.. Ampuni segala kekhilafan kami.. Sungguh kami adalah hambaMu yg kerap kali alpa, lalai dr mengingatiMu..

Ya Allah yg Maha Mengetahui apa yg kami hajati.. Kurniakan kami ilmu, berikan kami peluang, izinkan kami untuk mengenaliMu dan RasulMu yg tercinta..

Ya Allah.. Telah ku cuba mengenaliMu, dengan memahami nama-namaMu, mengingatiMu semampuku. Namun aku sedar, tak mudah rupanya memahamiMu ya Rabbi kecuali Engkau sendiri ya Rabbi. Oleh itu, aku memohon redaMu supaya aku terus tsabat dan sabar dalam menuju Makrifatullah. Ya Allah, berikanlah aku peluang untuk merasai nikmat mengenaliMu supaya dapat aku merasai nikmat mencintaiMu..


Jom sama-sama cari cinta Allah. Ana dah bersedia. Antum dah ready? Apa lagi, jom kita mengorak langkah mendekatiNya. Boleh jadi antum lagi selangkah saja menghampiriNya, siapa tau? (^_^)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Diskusi: Terlalu Sibuk dengan Manusia Buat Kita Semakin lupakan Allah?


Ha. Sebelum antum semua fikir lebih jauh, meh ana nak terangkan situasi yg dimaksudkan di atas dulu..

Betul ke bila kita banyak habiskan masa, bergaul, menyibukkan diri dengan manusia akn membuatkan kita semakin lupakan/jauh drpd Allah yg tercinta..? Tambah pule, keadaan masyarakat di situ sendiri tiada biah solehah.. kalau berhadapan dengan keadaan ni, apa yg perlu dilakukan?

Amat baik jikalau pertemuan atau byk ber'meeting' dengan tujuan mengingatkan kita semua pd Allah yg tercinta.. Tapi kalau meeting tu tak mendatangkan rasa "Allah yg tercinta sentiasa mengetahui, mengawasi dan memerhatikan kita" sebaliknya menambah rasa lalai dan lagha, macam mana ye? Mungkin kita sendiri mampu wujudkan suasana tu tp secara praktikalnya, macam mana ye..?

Sangat berbesar hati kalau antum semua dapat berkongsi pendapat mengenai persoalan2 ni..

Salam Ramadhan..
Salam Mujahadah Buat Semua..

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mahu Menyayangi dan Disayangi..


Segala puji bagi Allah, Pencipta sekalian alam..
Semoga diri kita dalam keadaan yg sihat.
Bgtu juga hati, moga2 hidup sentiasa..

Melihatkan keadaan dunia hari ini, hanya menambahkan pedih hati. Sedih, sayu hati memikirkan keadaan kakak2, abang2, sahabat2,adik2 yg mengadu, KETANDUSAN CINTA. Manusia kematian hati menagih cinta sesama mereka yg tiada penghujungnya bilamana hati tidak diajak mengenal Sang Pemilik cinta yg hakiki yakni Allah.

Meletakkan cinta manusia melebihi segala-galanya bukan penyelesaian. Mana mungkin pula cinta itu boleh menandingi cinta ilahi. Tidak sewajarnya juga, cinta ini dicari. Yakinlah dengan janji2 Allah. Bukankah Allah tidak pernah memungkiri janji? (^_^)

"Perempuan2 yg keji untuk lelaki yg keji, dan lelaki yg keji untuk perempuan yg keji (pula) sedangkan perempuan2 yg baik untuk lelaki yg baik, dan lelaki yg baik untuk perempuan yg baik (pula).." (An-Nur, 24:26)

Yg baik untuk yg baik juga.. Yakinlah, di saat ini, meskipun Allah belum ketemukan kita dengan si dia, bersabarlah. Mungkin dia juga sedang ditarbiyah Allah, sedang dipersiapkan Allah untuk menjadi sebaik2 insan buat diri kita di sini. Cuma sekarang bukan masanya lagi untuk dipertemukanNya. Jadi, tiada ruginya jika kita juga
memperkemaskan diri menjadi hambaNya yg soleh/solehah (pertingkatkan dan perbaiki ibadah, akhlak, dan yg seumpamanya) dan menjadi sebaik2 insan buat si dia.

Sememangnya fitrah, kehendak hati mahu mmenyayangi-disayangi; tidak terkecuali diri yg hina ini..

Kata seorang sahabat ana, "Cintakan manusia ni jangan sesekali bila cintakan Allah belum dirasai. Dan cintakan Allah ni hadir hanya setelah kita mengenali dan mencintai diri sendiri.."
KENALI DIRI- CINTA ALLAH.. Layakkah diri ini mencintai selainNya? Dgn hati yg Allah pinjamkan ni? Layakkah? Allah Taala telah berfirman(d dalam hadis Qudsi) :

"Tidak ada suatu cara yg lebih sesuai utk hambaKU menghampirkan dirinya kpdKu dgn seumpama mereka melakukan ibadat yg Aku fardukan ke atas mereka. Dan senantiasa seorang hamba menghampirkan diri kpdKu dgn menambah amalan2 sunat (setelah mereka melakukan yg fardu) sehingga Aku mencintainya, maka apabila Aku telah mencintainya, Akulah pendengaran yg ia mendengar dengannya & Akulah penglihatan yg dia melihat dengannya & Akulah lidahnya yg ia bercakap dengannya & Akulah tangannya yg ia menyentuh dengannya & Akulah kakinya yg ia berjalan dengannya.." (HR Bukhari drpd Abu Hurairah)

Ya Allah, izinkan diri yg kerdil lg hina ini menjadi hamba yg dicintaiMu!...
Sekalipun tidak sedalam cinta Rabiatul adawiyah,
Sekalipun tidak seteguh iman si asiah:ratu Syahadah,
Sekalipun tidak semulia Fatimah Az-zahra
Sekalipun tidak setulus Khadijah..
Izinkan hambaMu ini mencintai dan dicintaiMu ya Allah..

Di saat ramai manusia dahaga mencari cinta sesama mereka, rasa ingin disayangi, menyayangi, diri ini juga turut merasai perkara yg sama: mahu mencintai dan dicintai. Tp bukan lg dengan makhluk, sebaliknya Allah dan RasulNya..


Salam Ramadhan..
Salam mujahadah buat semua..

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hati yang Hidup


Alhamdulillah.. Hari ni Allah masih memberikan pluang untuk kita bernafas.. Dah berminggu-minggu ana dengar berita kematian drpda sahabat2, keluarga.. Buat diri yg hina ni tertanya-tanya, "Aku ni bila lagi ye..."

Mati..Mati..Mati..Mati.. Suka ana ulang banyak kali. Macam mana ye rasanya mati? Slpas tu kita akan menghadap Allah kan? Hmm..macam mana ye nak hadap Allah sedangkan keadaan hati ni...cukup hanya Allah yg tau.

Ana bukan mengharapkan pape dlm ruangan kali ni. Jauh skali nak men"CaPub".. Cuma nak merungkaikan persoalan yg seringkali dianggap remeh oleh kebanyakan drpd kita, pd kebanyakan masa.

Bermula drpd rasa kosongnya hati.. Satu rasa yg ana andaikan kerap kali dirasakan oleh ramai orang yg kemudiannya diisi dengan macam2 la. Time ni memang terserlah sungguh kreativiti masing2 dlm usaha mencari pengisian tu.. Memang kreatif dan inovatif.

Tengok cite2 Korea, cite2 Jepun.. Memang2, pelakon dia memang comei2,hensem.. "Ala.. Apa salahnya tengok jap, tengok ciptaan Allah. Kita puji Allah jugak tengok diorang karang. Banyak pengajaran pun dalam cite ni.. Kita amik yg elok2 je.." Hm.. Boleh ke macam tu? Tapi klu sampai dah azan masih...... Macam mana ye? Takpe2. Tengok puas2. Puji Allah bebanyak kat situ..Yg lain, memang bagus sahabat2 yg bangun menyegerakan solat ni. Alhamdulillah..

Ada lagi..

Baca novel? Novel apa? Tautan Hati, Pemilik Cintaku Setelah Allah dan Rasul, Salju Sakinah,,......... Alhamdulillah.. Baguih2.. Dapat menjana perkembangan vocab & sastera Melayu kita ye dak? Tp.. novel yg semacam tu.....macam mana ye? Tau novel yg semacam tu macam mana? Yg buat pembaca2 setianya tersenyum sorang2, ketawa sorang2.. Yg parahnya, angau la pastu, sorang2.. Mana tak nya, baca novel cintan-cintun.. Yg islamik tu, Alhamdulillah.. Sarat dengan hikmah, Boleh la dijadikan satu medium peningkatan iman; cintakan Allah, cinta yg slainnya juga keranaNya.. Tp yg bikin angau tu.. Boleh isi kekosongan hati ye? Cuma takut tertipu dengan janji2 dunia yg bersifat sementara. Cinta selain keranaNya, takkan kekal. Malah menjanjikan banyak tipu daya juga buat tambah lagha sebenarnya wahai sahabat2ku sekalian..


Banyak.. Join usrah, halaqah, ceramah2, forum2..Senang cerita, pergi je semua majlis ilmu selagi mana kaki masih mampu melangkah.. Takpun, ada yg dia sendiri bagi ceramah, jadi naqib & naqibah. Dengar dia bercakap, Subhanallah.. Mantap2.. Tak kurang juga yg berapi-api cakapnya. Cuma tak faham dengan yg sesetengah ni, pas balik bilik, duduk lepak2, ketawa terbahak2. Lupa dunia.. Yg terbungkang tidur tu, qailullah katanya.. Berjam2 lak tu. Erk? Macam familiar je


Tahajud, tadabbur Al-Quran, solat, riadhah... Banyak2.. tak habis ana nak menaip ni nanti..

Semuanya bergantung pada macam mana kita nak isi hati tu. Yg positif pengisiannya, Alhamdulillah.. Yg negatif tu..?? Sahabat2 yg ku kasihi keranaNya, sama2 la kita perbaiki diri..

Persoalannya sekarang, macam mana nak isi kekosongan hati? Macam mana nak hidupkan kembali hati yg mati? Hati ni kalau rosak dan tercemar dgn benda yg Allah x suka akan menyebabkan hati kita jd gelap, susah nanti nak dapat hidayah Allah.. Jd, macam mana ye nak ubati hati ni?

Pertama, KENALI HATI..

Hati ni ada 3 jenis; 1. Qalbun Sahih (hati yg suci). Bila memperkatakan hati yg suci ni, ianya bermakna hati tu bersih, sihat dan bebas dr segala gangguan yg boleh menyebabkan si empunya hati menentang perintah dan larangan Allah s.w.t.. 2. Qalbun Mayyit (hati yg mati). Nafsu dan syaitan ni slalu je berebut tempat di hati manusia. Pabila hati kita ni dah dikuasai, ditawan, alamatnya payah le nak mengikut perintah Allah swt dan RasulNya. Sebaliknya lebih mudah menuruti kehendak nafsu dan syaitan.. 3. Qalbun Maridh (hati yg sakit).. Hati jenis ni hidup tp dah mula menyimpan benih2 penyakit. Kadang2 sihat, kadang2 tu bila x sihat, akan jd x menentu.. Ada ketikanya utamakan dunia, cintakan dunia, ikut nafsu, tamak, dengki, takabbur..Senang cite, semua penyakit hati-yg bule mengakibatkan hati mati. Bahaya2.. Naudzubillah..

Hati kita ni kategori yg mana ye?

Kedua.. CARI PUNCA..
RACUN yg berpunca dari LIDAH..
1. Berlebih-lebihan dalam berbicara..

"Janganlah banyak berkata-kata selain ZIKRULLAH krna ia membuat hatimu menjadi keras dan orang yg terhindar jauh drpd Allah adalah orang yg memiliki hati yg keras." H.R Tirmizi

2. Mungumpat, memfitnah, mengadu domba..

3. Berlebihan dalam pergaulan.. Pergaulan bebas antara muslimin dan muslimat,tidak memelihara kehormatan diri dr segi pemakaian, tingkah laku, adab, cara percakapan dan byk lg..

RACUN yg berpunca dr MATA..

1. Berlebihan dalam melihat sesuatu..

"Katakanlah kepada lelaki yg beriman spya mereka menutup pemandangan mereka drpd melihat yg terlarang dan menjaga kehormatannya drpd kejahatan (jgn berzina). Demikianlah y sebaik2nya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yg mereka kerjakan.." Surah An-Nur:30

Jika terpandang yg haram secara tak sengaja dimaafkan tp kalau pandangan tu diulang buat kali kedua, sengaja pula.....tak boleh..tak boleh.. Berdosa.. Zina kan semuanya bermula dengan pandangan yg berlebihan, yg tak terjaga?
RACUN yg berpunca dr PERUT..

1. Berlebihan ketika makan..

"Jangan banyak makan dan tidur kerana pd hari akhirat nanti, mereka akan miskin amal solehnya ketika bertemu Allah.."

Yg pastinya, bila kita terlalu kenyang, mesti mengantuk kan? Akibatnya, kita akan banyak tidur kemudiannya.. Rasulullah s.a.w yg tercinta pun makan bila rasa lapar dan berhenti sebelum baginda rasa kenyang! Malah, Rasulullah s.a.w yg tercinta juga pernah bersabda yg bermaksud:

"Orang yg paling kenyang makan di dunia akan menjadi paling lapar pada hari akhirat.." H.R al-Hakim..

Jadi.. Banyak benda kita kena consider in doing something.. Banyak juga tip2 MENGUBATI dan MENGHIDUPKAN hati yg berpenyakit dan mati ni..

1. Sentiasa berbaik sangka
2. Buang segala hasad dengki
3. Ukirkan senyuman.. Senyum sokmo!
4. Sentiasa merendah diri
5. Hiasi diri dengan sikap pemaaf..
6. Ikhlas..
7. Sentiasa menghadiri majlis ilmu!!
8. Jangan tinggalkan ibadat!! (Ibadat khusus, ibadat umum..)

1. Taubat Nasuha..
2. Hindari stres!
3. Sentiasa bersifat redha~
4. Hiasi diri dengan sifat pemalu (Al-Haya')
5. Rajin berzikir dan baca-tadabbur Al-Quran
6. Sentiasa ingat mati.. Kalau susah jugak, p la melawat kubur nak amik feel..
7. Ziarah orang miskin, orang sakit..
8. Sentiasa menghadiri majlis ilmu
9. Berdamping dengan para ulama
10. Banyakkan berselawat..

Kemudiannya, wahai sahabat2 sekalian..hati yg telah diubati dan dihidupkan ni, kena jaga.. supaya tak sakit dan mati lg..Kuncinya?


InsyaAllah.. Allah kan ada? Doa pd Nya semoga hati kita terpelihara..

Sebagai seorang insan yg punyai banyak kekurangan diri, ana nak mengajak sahabat2 sekalian, sama2lah kita saling berpesan dan mengingatkan diri pdNya.. Sama2lah kita berusaha mengingatkan hati kita pd kebesaranNya.. Sama2lah kita menghidupkan hati. Wahai sahabat2 ana, diri ni sangat lemah. Kekuatan datang drpd Allah.. Cuma ana mengharapkan kalian mampu menjadi wasilah. Di saat kecundang dalam meniti perjalanan hidup untuk terus mengenaliNya, mencari redhaNya, jadilah kalian sebagai sahabat yg menguatkan. Bila diri kita ni terlalu gembira, sesama lah mengingatkan akan azabnya yg keras bagi orang2 yg lalai dr mengingatinya. Bila kesedihan, ingatkan pula akan rahmatNya, kasih sayangNya yg meluas melebihi segala2nya. Agar kita dapat terus bergantung & mengharap pdNya.. Sehingga dapat juga kita rasakan, cukuplah hanya Allah bg dri ini.. Dengan harapan, tiada pape pun yg dapat mengganti.. CUKUP HANYA ALLAH BAGIKU..

Salam mujahadah buat semua..
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

All Because of Allah??


Hm..Learning stat and maths this morning has made me wonder the whole day long,

How is it to have an intention(a strong one) of doing everything-ONLY because of Allah? Am i having this intention in everything i do? Is everything-FULLY done because HIM? Only HIM?

A BIG QUESTION MARK here, for me and perhaps to all of us..

I used to have this kind of thoughts in mind: to be close to Allah is to study what so called- Ilmu Agama only. Yup. That's what i USED to think of. I couldn't relate other courses or programmes or subjects with Islam itself. Couldn't even see the beauty of Islam from this perspective. The 1st day i came to cfsiium nilai, i could only see IRK as the only way to get to know Islam better.(but it was before..) I'm not qualified to take that course anyway..
I couln't relate Econs with Islam.Not at all! Until one day, a good friend of mine reminded me of one thing, "Islam is Syumul la Alyaa.."

Islam is syumul, perfect. Yup! That has helped a lot.. Ok, my fault. I've heard about this before but never bother to adapt it in daily life. Rugi2.. (TQ my fella! For reminding me..)

Alyaa, it's the time for you to prove to yourself that Islam truly is syumul in everything!

I was a science student(back in school time- f4 and f5)-which explains why did i have problem in finding out how to relate Econs and Islam at the 1st place. I learnt biology, chemistry, add maths, physics,etc.. And during those days, i could see how beautiful has Allah created everything in this world. Especially Biology. (Wah! i just love Biology!) Subhanallah! It was just beautiful on how HE creates human beings, other organisms and so on.. But really, why couldn't i relate econs with Islam before this?

Alhamdulillah. Today i'm able to see ISLAM in everything i do! In Maths..In Statistics..In everything i'm learning for now! I just came to realize that, yes, every field of studies, the knowledge...came fom Allah. He is the only All-knowing.. He knows everything, every SINGLE, tiny, invisible(what else?) thing.. And He is The Owner of All Creation. He is the starter of everything!

For Maths as an example, It is amazing on how human can solve all those complicated calculation by just using those formulae n methods invented. Now let's think the other way round..

We are amazed with those intelligent people. Then, why don't we feel amazed of THE CREATOR of 'these intelligent people' when the intelligence is gifted by Allah- The Creator?

Wah..Pandainya diorang ni..
Hebat2.. Banyak benda diorang boleh buat..
Tapi Allah yg cipta kita semua..
Allah yg ilhamkan semua perkara pd hmba2Nya..
Wah! Kalau camtu..
Allah lg hebat!

Subhanallah.. Isn't HE The Greatest.....?

Ok ok.. Back to our main issue, "How to do everything because Allah?"

Like what my friends usually remind me of is by knowing that..


Thus, it's a shame to do something that Allah doesn't like..

Let's think this way..

Let's say.. you have a cellphone and you're using postpaid. Every month, you'll receive your phone bill. ok, that's for your cellphone.

At the same time, you have your own house.. You're working. Already have a job. Then all bills come together at the same time: Bills for the electricity, water, rent, etc..

Surely you're gonna have trouble in paying all these bills. Might make you wonder, "For what have i used all these? Why are there so many bills. Plus, they are too much to pay!"


What if one day, you received more bills and they were all from HIM..
Hearing bill
Talking bill
Seeing bill
Oxygen bill
........... bill
........... bill

Can you pay all these??!!

Alamak. Malu pulak dengan Allah..
I've been using all these during all this time (tertunggak bilnya kalau dikira!).. have i been using all these because of HIM?? (legs to walk to class to get Allah's blessing.. Hands to help people in needs.. Eyes to see the wonderful creation of His.. Everything to do because of Him! But has everything being done ONLY because of Him...? Wah! So sad!)

Ya Allah.. Help us, guide us to the right path.. Show us the right way.. We really need Your Guidance as it's only You who knows all the rights n wrongs.. We can only plan for the good things to happen but ya Allah, You know the best..

jom cintakan Allah! cintakan Rasul juge..
hanya rindukan Allah! rindukan RasulNya juge..

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hidayah Allah..

Hidayah ni boleh datang dalam plbagai bentuk dan cara..

Ada yg thru mimpi..
Ada yg 'terhantuk bru tergadah'..( tu la. degil sgt..)
Tak kurang juga ada yg terkesan dgn nasihat dan teguran pihak sekelilingnya..

Kesimpulannya, "macam2 ada.."

Bila hati terdetik nak mulakan sesuatu perkara yg baik..jangan dilengah-lengahkan lg..
"Ah, tak payah pikir byk2. buat je!"
Bukan apa.. nanti tak jadi benda tu bila dah byk sangat fikirnya..

Perkara yg Allah suka..

Jom kita berlumba mengejar pahala!
Cuba sedaya mungkin nak lakukan yg terbaik dalam menampilkan dri berhadapan dgnNya..

Perkara yg Allah tak suka pula..

JGN BUAT!! Learn to say "NO"
Allah tak suka..
Nanti Allah X redha..
Kan dah susah nak dapatkan Cnta Allah?
Apatah lg nak merinduiNya..

Sentiasalah berpesan pada diri..

"Saya nak jadi HEBAT! Supaya Allah sayang.."
Hebat dalam semua perkara..
Ibadah, pencapaian akademik, dan sebagainya..

"Saya nak cinta Allah! Supaya Allah juga cintakan saya.."
Tapi mana mgkin hal ni tercapai bilamana hati dah dinodai cinta manusia yg malalaikan?

"Ya Allah.. Nak rindukan Allah setiap waktu.."
Supaya setiap perkara yg dilakukan, sentiasa merasakan Allah bersama..
Sehinggakan, setiap pggilan untuk menghadapNya, EXCITED tak terkata..
Maklumlah.. Nak menghadap yg TERcinta..

Hidayah yg Allah anugerahkan tu..
Betul2 MAHAL nilainya..
Jd bg yg beroleh hidayah Allah tu,
ketahuilah bahawa anda adalah d antara hmbaNya yg terpilih..
Hargai, genggam erat2, jangan sampai terlepas..
Manisnya rasa bila hati terpanggil, terkesan dengan hidayahNya..
Tak mungkin dapat dirasai buat kali kedua..
Tidakkan sama rasanya pabila kali yg pertama tu lebih terasa kemanisannya..

"Dan orang yang bersungguh-sungguh kerana memenuhi kehendak kami, sesungguhnya Kami akan memimpin mereka ke jalan-jalan Kami (yang menjadikan mereka bergembira serta beroleh keredhaan); dan sesungguhnya (pertolongan dan bantuan) Allah adalah beserta orang2 yang berusaha membaiki amalannya.."
Surah Al-Ankabut:69

..:: Ya Allah.. Sungguh, Kau mengetahui..RedhaMu yg ku cari ::..

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