Monday, June 13, 2011

The Results Reflect YOU

His famous quote in class. Now they stuck in my head.
Good. At least i'm aware now. "You. Bad Muslims!"
Will always remember that.
Everything we did in class-for all the mistakes, it was us to be blamed, and we should be.

"Your group project's grade reflects you and your group members! Your attitude! NO unity and cooperation among you! How can you call yourself 'MUSLIM'?!"
"This building will collapse if anyone of you got 'A' in your group assignment. I challenge you. Muslims usually don't perform well. Why? Because they are lazy!"
"How many could get 100% out of 100% or 40% out of 40% for your final exam? Very rare-impossible!"
"You should have been scoring! But you don't! Why? Because you don't read! And because you-MUSLIMS"
Or he said something similar. We were scolded in class. SubhanAllah.
He even told us why he was emphasizing sooooo much on grammar (in writing our articles, answering exam questions).
“Do you think Allah will be pleased with you if you read Al-Quran simply as how you wanted to(without tajweed)? Do you think your friends will like it when you speak to them your own style/language simply the way you like eventhough they don’t?”
True indeed. L
“You think you can answer your exam if you don’t read your textbook? If you don’t study? How can you stand for Islam when people talk bad about Islam when you don’t have knowledge (0%!) about your religion!”
He was explaining to us how can our attitude and habits affect our attitude towards Islamic practices as well. Astaghfirullah.. So many things to improve on! Allah musta’an..
I could see he was quite upset with us all.
But all in all, it was such an eye-opener!
You know in what class were we?
Uhuh. You read me.
Not in any Islamic-core subject class in my university as u might think.
At first, you might think this lecturer of mine is just being sceptical towards muslims (as a whole), or you might say, waaaaaay sceptical. But no he's not. Infact, he was right! He was pin-pointing our mistakes-as MUSLIMS.
So improve! Get moving now oo you muslims.
Wallahi i like his class! The best ‘eman-rejuvenator’ and 'head-knocker' ever! In his own style, of course. MashaAllah! Thanks dear lecturer. We learned a lot from you. Alhamdulillah :)
1. Portray good attitude, behave REALLY well wherever you are. Be a likeable-muslim since all muslims should aware their "I'M A MUSLIM" name tag brings with them their religion name, which is obviously ISLAM. You wouldn't want to tarnish your religion's beautiful image with your nasty behaviour, would you? Please please please.........DON'T.

If you are a student of knowledge, ACT LIKE ONE. Have adab in seeking knowledge. Respect your lecturer. Take your studies seriously. As a student, it's your duty to learn by heart and hard, perform REALLY well in your projects, assignments, exams, just everything that's assigned to you that need to be accomplished! Why? Because your duty=your amanah. At MOST, aren't you afraid being questioned by Allah for not (at least TRYING) fulfilling your amanah in best manner? Allahu yahdina..
3. Don't give chance to others to pin-point your weaknesses! One common mistake:LAZINESS. Would you want Islam to be associated with this nasty attitude of yours?
4. Proof of Concept. You have been propagating how cool Islam is.. How awesome is its teaching.. How 'pure' and humanly muslims should be.. Etc.. But i wonder, why aren't all these 'cool-awesome-pure' islamic image reflected from you, so called 'MUSLIMS'? So get yourself 'islamized' first before you're to islamize others. Proof the islamic concepts to be true.
"Hey, u said Islam is *this* and *that*. But you got the lowest mark in class. You got the lowest grade in your projects and assignments. What's so great on becoming a muslim? So Islam isn't great after all."
ABOVE: Please don't let this happen-ever! That people wouldn't want to become Muslim or not to even come NEAR to Islam, to learn it because of you! Na'udzhubillahi min dzalik! :(
5. Be open up to criticism. If the critics are constructive eventhough they appear to be negative to you, say 'Alhamdulillah. Thanks to the critics, i'm able to know what are my mistakes and i'm going to IMPROVE on them'. Not to complain. Accept it with a sincere heart to make a change..
@But if the critics are the DESTRUCTIVE ones-which are of NO HELP to increase your eeman or your knowledge, then ignore and walk away. These kind of critics will only retard your motivation or self-esteem :(
6. Intend-Visualize. Everything you do, start with the right INTENTION-to fulfill your amanah for the sake of pleasing your LORD (Allah swt) alone, in best manner full of excellence (ihsan) while VISUALIZING:
  • the MOST : the end reward from Allah (ya'ni Jannatul a'la with everything you were promised to have in there-lots of food and fruits, peaceful greetings and no vain/insulting talks, pleasing companions and neighbors, ect.. It's the ULTIMATE success inshaAllah! ; or
  • the LEAST: your high achievements and success in dunya~ :)
'MUSLIM' is a term used to define every individual that practices a beautiful, comprehensive and excellent religion called ISLAM. Unfortunately, not all today's muslims are TRULY trying to become a REAL muslim. They are just a 'MUSLIM' by name, not a FULL-TIME muslim. (i’m not trying to generalize here-not ALL but some/many L )
Na'udzhubillahi min dzalik.
Sorry if i'd ever insulted or offended anyone, didn't mean to do so. Was just reminding myself before others in TRYING to become a REAL-practicing muslima. That's all.
May Allah be pleased. Aameen.
pss: Am comparing my muslim friends from Malaysia and from other foreign countries (in focus: non-muslim countries and west). Found that my foreign friends are more committed and diligent in practising Islam-whole-heartedly! Maybe Malaysian muslims (again, in large, not saying ALL Malaysian muslims) are taking Islam much for granted than these people who hardly having FREEDOM practising this seemingly-strange religion in non-muslim countries. SubhanAllah.
May Allah put firmness in you heart my dear sisters (and brothers out there) to practice this beautiful deen-perfect way of life. Aameen..
If you think you are a good muslim but having hard time to swallow/digest people's advice, think again

Wassalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

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