Friday, January 29, 2010

I'd like to share few things with you..


Assalamu'alaykum my brothers n sisters in ISLAM! :)

Suddenly feel like writing somethg here, biiznillah..

I'd like to share somethg..

1. For new muslim brothers n sisters, take very good care of your EMAAN. LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE ISLAM and only then it will be easier for you to learn how to LOVE ALLAH, inshaAllah..

2. I realize somthg that, when you have the guts,feelings of doing somethg good and righteous, don't delay! Don't think too much! Just do it. It could be a sign from Allah, of HIS guidance for you to do somethg better.(And this is the time those evil syaithan would want to stop you from doing good deeds!) The reason not to delay and not to think too much (as you might end up with excuses of WHY I SHOULDN'T BE DOING THIS) is because this is one of the ways to avoid ourselves from being prevented of doing the good deeds by syaithan (quite smart, aren't they?)

3. Hey, ISLAM is easy ok? So take it easy.. Take your time to know Islam.. I know there are lots to learn but Allah knows you are trying your best. Just don't give up alright? :)

4. ISLAM is BEAUTIFUL. Make sure you are actually portraying that 'message' to everyone! I realized that there are reverts who turned their back to Islam to some level. They reverted back to their religion. Naudzhubillah.. And you know why?.. Because they said that it's VERY hard to practice ISLAM and that actually scared them to know and go further in this beautiful religion.. It was just about MISUNDERSTANDING.. Naudzhubillah.. :(

5. STOP BEING IGNORANT and tell people around you to do the same thing too! Find the truth in everythg you do. Bear in mind this: "Oo Allah. YOU love those who wanted to know the truth and those who wanted to get closed to YOU. So here i am, i want to be among those who YOU love too!"

6. HAVE FAITH IN ALLAH. Ask from ALLAH to give you strength to look for the truth.. Ask from HIM for GUIDANCE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS for every day, every hr, every min and every second.. ASK ANYTHG YOU WANT FROM HIM ok?.. He's THE BEST PROVIDER,GIVER.. :)

7. There are too many things to share with but i guess i'll stop right here with this one: Be certain of your ULTIMATE goal in this life: Do i want to go to jannah or to jahannam later in the hereafter? If i want to go to jannah, make sure you WORK for that goal here in DUNYA..

Oo Allah.. Its YOUR blessings and YOUR forgiveness that we seek for! So GUIDE us.. Shelter us with your MERCY in this DUNYA and AKHIRAT.. Lead us the way to your HIGHEST place in JANNAH! Ameeeeeen.......

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