Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gotta Work Hard! inshaaaa-Allah


How many of us are DISTRACTED from doing what we've planned to do specifically during this Ramadhan?
Sometimes we need time for ourselves to just sit back and ponder(self-avaluate) upon what have we achieved so far..

Telling this to myself-first and foremost-before others..

Yup. We all want to go Jannah! inshaAllah!
But jannah IS NOT CHEAP..

Gotta work hard for it!

Whatever we do, do them sincerely for HIS sake alone and in correct manners (based upon profound knowledge!)

Best asset one has=TIME
(So don't waste our time!)

Thank Allah that HE gives us chance today to work on our eeman. Alhmdulillah!
Let's booooosst it up more during this special month of 'SOUL-RESURRECTION'.
(As we are refraining ourselves from permissible acts. E.g. EAT and focusing most on important acts)


MAy Allah 'azza wa jal accept all of our du'a(s) and good deeds..
May Allah give us chance to dwell in HIGHEST palace in Jannat ul a'la..
May Allah build for us gardens near to habeebuna Muhammad salallahu 'alayh wasalam's gardens and dwellings..
May Allah save us from being among those who HE deprives from all the un-amaginable rewards HE stores for those people of success in the hereafter..
May Allah be pleased with us fiddunya wal akhira and save from HIS scary punishment(!)
May Allah blessed us all in this month of Ramadhan and give us grade A+ for graduating SUCCESSFULLY and with EXCELLENCE from this school of tests and struggles!
(A loud) Aaaaamin!

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