Monday, May 23, 2011

Al Quran = Boring? Yes?

Sweet sister : Wana join us to a class?

Nice sister : What class?

Sweet sister : Class on Tafseerul Quran. Trust me you'll like it!

Nice sister : Err.. You mean i will learn Quran throughout the class? Reciting it? (with eagerness to hear an impossible 'NO')

Sweet sister : It's a QURAN class. Of course we'll start with its recitation. Why?..

Nice sister : Mm.. Boring. No thanks.

.....Erk? Boring? BORING? B-O-R-I-N-G??



I believe many of us are familiar with above situation. Whether you being the sweet sister dealing with people who act more like the nice sister and they could be your.....



close friends

any close individual to you!


it was you: the nice sister,

with the firm-unshakeable-BIG tree (your idea!) planted there on a piece of land called 'brain' with huge thorny black-roses trees surrounding it and a clear warning board hung up having a saying written on it:

"Miss Tree said Al Quran is boring-THAT'S FINAL" :)

Khayr. It stuck there in your mind, "Al-Quran = Boring"


Who's fault? No one's? Yours? Your parents? Your friends? Your childhood Quranic teacher who acted more like a mean-heartless police officer as portrayed in most movies?

No? None of the above?

Or all of the above?

Fine. No "Who's fault?" or "It's your fault!".

No accusing. No blaming.

Only S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N.

Click here for the picture

So do you have any idea how to make The Quran

as appealing as vanilla ice-cream full chocolate toping, (Yummy!)

as cool as ice, (Kids, ice not healthy)

as luring as a bar of chocolate, (Can't trust you with chocolate-MINE!)

as interesting as Bollywood movie? ( I don't watch Hindustani film)

or, at least,

as pleasing as seeing your mommy? (Aww.. Allah bless you sweetie)

Aha. I have few tit-bits for you ;)

1. Change your new BFF (Best Friend Forever)..

Well, you could still have your recent BFFs remain as they are-not to neglect them or something but from now on, i want you to have NEW bff= BFFLH!


which is Your Quran :)

2. BFFLH vs iPod Touch Screen

You would want to return to your house which is 15 minutes (or more than 30 minutes!) away from the spot you are standing on now just for the sake of your iPod (Or any phone you are so in love with) or what u call as 'My Baby'?

Then do the same to your Quran! I'm not talking about the BIG Quran you have in your CLOSET-untouched for centuries. Go get small one, a cute one which suits you-so that you'll have enough space to easily put into or tug it out of your small bag. (You can find plenty of the small Quran of various designs and colours in the market, with translation. Insha Allah :)

3. Learn different ways to 'communicate' with your BFFLH

Just as how easily you could get bored with the same song (used-to-be your FAVE that you keep listening to, humming and singing, and the whole city knows it) as you keep listening to it over and over and over................. again. So now, you're telling me this syeikh so and so's recitation is SO BORING? Who told you to listen the same song over and over and over................. again? And who told you to listen to only one qari(Quran reciter)? It’s like:

“Now i’m feeling a bit sleepy, need to be a bit waky and freshy. Let’s listen to Sheikh Emad Al-Mansary/Bro Muhammad Taha/Bro Ahmad Saud’s recitation!”

Instead of listening to Sheikh Mansary al Afasy or Syed al Ghamidi who recite so nice that could put me to a heartfelt and tearful mood for my muhasabah session with my BFFLH. Let’s be creative suiting and matching these different qari-s to our different mood. Do you get what i’m trying to say here? J

There are so many awesome reciters out there, over the internet. Just click search, find few which suit your mood and preference, keep them in you MP3 player (better MP4 player-download videos from YouTube, HalalTube, and listen to them interchangeably anytime and anywhere you want. Easy. Fun. Sweet. No more excuses, alright? :)

4. Treat your BFFLH well, yet the BEST

Tell me how do you treat your BFFs? How do you behave with them? You consult them almost all the times, correct? Sad, happy, excited, gloomy or feeling bloomy, you will express them all out to your devout BFFs. Now, treat your BFFLH waaaaay better than that. Before you meet BFFs, consult BFFLH first. Open your cute-small Quran randomly, read the page, contemplate. Or better, read the suitable surah for each condition. For example, when you feel sad, read surah Yusuf. Contemplate on the hardship Prophet Yusuf (may peace be upon him) undergone-betrayal, imprisonment, seduction, lonelines/away from beloved family, etc..

"Oo my BFFLH, i feel extremely sad, make me happy.. :("

pss: Al-Quran is not a living thing. Bear in mind it is Allah 'azza wa jal you're consulting. The above is just the analogy to help you how to behave towards Al-Quran. Or better, it shoud sound this way:

“Oo Allah, i feel extremely sad, make me happy..”

Anyway, what else better than reading Al-Quran with understanding as a way to communicate with your LORD, Allah, in prayers, or best at all times? Agree? :)

Ok. All tips above seem to be more effective for ourselves, not helping much to attract others to love the quran, u might think. Uhuh. That's my point. You start first. Then inshaAllah you will be able to share the beauty of the Quran and the miracles it has with the others. InshaAllah..

Trust me. Who else is HAPPIER than the one who feels peace in his/her heart at most of the times? And who else could feel and be in that state other than the one who is always with Allah, in HIS rememberence? And tell me who else is closer to Allah than the one who's BFFLH is The Quran? Who reads, contemplates, understands and lives by its advices-the teachings? And of course the best example in understanding our BFFLH is habeebuna Muhammad (s).. :)

You don't trust me? Of course you won't! Because you have not tried. That's why..

Try first, you will learn well from experience. It will work. Insha Allah

You just need to struggle a bit, with patience (as-sabr) and perseverence (al-istiqamah) ;)

Mistakes are from me , please forgive the imperfect-me.

All the goodness you get is from Allah, thank Allah, alhamdulillah.

The rest, wallahu a'lam (And Allah knows best)

Read! Or at least listen to its recitation? :)
Click here for the picture

pss: Have so many tips to share with you, but next time maybe ;)

May Allah make us among those who love knowledge and best of knowledge is the divine knowledge: Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. Aamin..


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