Sunday, June 27, 2010

DEAN's or ALLAH's lists??

Alhamdulillah.. Let's thank Allah for everythg He has given to us..

Had just came back from my visit to my old secondary school-TCS!
Alhamdulillah. Learnt lots of things there too! MashaAllah..

I realized that during my time in tcs, i wasn't a good student with all those good grades-with flying colours and everything. (Because i really love outdoor activities) i didn't have everything-indoors and outdoors-balanced up. Telling you again. i wasn't an excellent muslima student..

Until i started my 1st semester in IIUM, everything changed- i changed. The way i live my life, the way i study, the way i conduct myself with people and in all classes i attend, the way i think as well. All for the sake of Dean's list-i eversince that always wanted to become an excellent muslima student. InshaAllah!

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for everything He has given me, for all the guidance..

Then this idea popped into my head:

We are struggling hard to get our names in the dean's list, trying our best to go through all the 'tests, filtration, interviews'-all these being done just to get our names in the list! Then how about Allah's list?? How come i didn't realize that we are being filtered and interviewed?

Oo you seekers of knowledge, we are being tested here too! Study for the sake of Allah, huh?
HE's filtering us too..

It's your struggle in your study (and job-if you are working) and your self-conduct in this world, the dunya. Allah azza wa jal is testing us..

1. through all the hardships, filtering us-You pass if you be patient and fail if you don't

2. the interviewing, could be in this dunya itself and in the grave!

Interview for this dunya: if you thank HIM after the ease He had given you-you pass, and fail if you don't(if you forget HIM)
For what to expect in the grave: Good life in alam barzakh means good life in the hereafter (Al Jannah inshaAllah!) but bad condition means tough times you'll face later! (naudzhubillah..)

Do you realize now that we are being tested to be listed in HIS list??..
Alhamdulillah.. hope we all do..

And do you know that the results of this struggle we are facing now in this dunya, Allah will tell you later in the hereafter? During the Day of Resurrection? Whether we are in Allah's list or we are not


Let's work for both!
Short term: Dean's list
Long term: Allah's list..
Both at the same time..

But how?
Everything has been taught in Islam-it's our homework and research to discover it out!

Truly, we are the best of ummah-if we are being FULL-TIME muslims..
Excellent-comprehensive muslim students!

"You (true believers Islamic monotheism, and real followers of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his sunnah) are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma'ruf (i.e. islamic monotheism and all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al-Munkar (polytheism, disbeleief and all that Islam has forbidden), and you believe in Allah..."
-Taken from translation of the meanings of the noble Quran in English Language

Let's work hard and pray to Allah to become one of this 'best of peoples"!

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