Thursday, July 15, 2010



"Excuse me, can u please take the pamphlet over here?.."

It wasn't just a pamphlet-IT'S AN ISLAMIC PAMPHLET
A paralyzed boy(he could only move his head!) spreads ISLAM through pamphlets
And guess what-MANY people there in the hospital CONVERTED to ISLAM

Hey, he could only move his head-but he seemed to have no excuses spreading ISLAM..
SubhanAllah.. What about us?

Your job is to try your best to invite-tell people about ISLAM=THE ULTIMATE TRUTH..
The rest leaves to Allah. Only Allah has the power over changing HEARTS of people you invite..

The qs here..

How much have we tried?
Have we tried enough?
Is it true we only call/invite people to righteous and forbid bad deeds only after we have ENOUGH knowledge?
Is it only then 'DAWAH' is obligated upon us?..


Beautiful message about the BEST investment for muslims
From Guest Kemal El Mekki in

Watch to know more..
Jazakallahu khair ya akh Kemal

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