Monday, June 14, 2010

A Traveler's Heart..


May every word i'm about to share with you after this is being counted by Allah subhana huwa ta'ala as a way of me reaching to HIS MERCY and BLESSINGS.

Being accounted as a token of my love and gratitude towards HIS GUIDANCE all this while, in times of i'm being heedless or in times of hardships.. But most of the times- i know and i believe in one thing;

HE NEVER LEAVES ANY OF HIS SERVANTS ON THIS EARTH WITHOUT HIS GUIDANCE for we all came to know that HE is THE MOST BELOVED and THE MOST MERCIFUL-even far more than a mother towards her very own child..

SubhanAllah. Isn't Allah is THE GREATEST? But why are we still abusing, forgetting and denying HIM?..

Oo you who believes in Allah, isn't your heart shivering when HIS names are being mentioned?
Isn't your heart feeling the sweetness of remembering HIM?
Isn't your heart craving for HIS guidance, love and mercy?
Aren't you wanting to be closer to HIM as the time pasts?..
Or isn't your heart feeling any of these??
Ask yourself-how is your imaan today?..

Oo believers..
How close you are with Allah as compared to your own self?
As to your own self-admiration?

And you and i know..
We all know..
How much have we returned to HIM in times only when we feel hopeless and then turn our faces away from HIM, back to times we were forgetting HIM..
But why?
After all this 'drama' you played..
After all the granted prayers and wishes you've asked from HIM..
You are now turning away from HIM? Again??

Oo you people who believe in the day of meeting Allah
Oo you travelers..
Hasn't Allah became your MOST beloved in heart..
Hasn't you felt how CLOSE HE is to your soul..
Don't you feel any of these?..

You and i- we are all travelers..
In a long journey to reach to the destiny..
But how far have we been to?
How much of our time left?
I'm reminding you and also myself
Our time has came almost to the end..

How should we behave-as a traveler?
Have you not seen and taken previous nation as an example?
Prophet Muhammad salallahu 'alaihi wassalam as the best?
The first generation of al-Quran?..
Look at how they cling their hearts to the rememberance of Allah?
The Hereafter?
Always missing the meeting day.. Their absolute destination..
Their hearts are all attached to what Allah has promised for them there..
Also in worries if they can't reach there..
So they tried very hard to do the best in everything-every path they have taken..
Their hearts are no longer attached to this dunya- and they take only what they need here on their way to there..
Taking only what's enough for them for this journey..
Taking what's BEST for a traveler..

If you ask me,
"What will you want to bring with you on your way to there?.."

I'll say..
I want to bring the best that i could have and get from this dunya..
All the things that Allah pleases with..
A piece of pure heart-pure soul..
A piece of heart that clings to the rememberance of HIM there..
I'll bring a piece of a traveler's heart..

All these are reminders-I'm reminding everyone including myself..

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