Thursday, June 11, 2009

All Because of Allah??


Hm..Learning stat and maths this morning has made me wonder the whole day long,

How is it to have an intention(a strong one) of doing everything-ONLY because of Allah? Am i having this intention in everything i do? Is everything-FULLY done because HIM? Only HIM?

A BIG QUESTION MARK here, for me and perhaps to all of us..

I used to have this kind of thoughts in mind: to be close to Allah is to study what so called- Ilmu Agama only. Yup. That's what i USED to think of. I couldn't relate other courses or programmes or subjects with Islam itself. Couldn't even see the beauty of Islam from this perspective. The 1st day i came to cfsiium nilai, i could only see IRK as the only way to get to know Islam better.(but it was before..) I'm not qualified to take that course anyway..
I couln't relate Econs with Islam.Not at all! Until one day, a good friend of mine reminded me of one thing, "Islam is Syumul la Alyaa.."

Islam is syumul, perfect. Yup! That has helped a lot.. Ok, my fault. I've heard about this before but never bother to adapt it in daily life. Rugi2.. (TQ my fella! For reminding me..)

Alyaa, it's the time for you to prove to yourself that Islam truly is syumul in everything!

I was a science student(back in school time- f4 and f5)-which explains why did i have problem in finding out how to relate Econs and Islam at the 1st place. I learnt biology, chemistry, add maths, physics,etc.. And during those days, i could see how beautiful has Allah created everything in this world. Especially Biology. (Wah! i just love Biology!) Subhanallah! It was just beautiful on how HE creates human beings, other organisms and so on.. But really, why couldn't i relate econs with Islam before this?

Alhamdulillah. Today i'm able to see ISLAM in everything i do! In Maths..In Statistics..In everything i'm learning for now! I just came to realize that, yes, every field of studies, the knowledge...came fom Allah. He is the only All-knowing.. He knows everything, every SINGLE, tiny, invisible(what else?) thing.. And He is The Owner of All Creation. He is the starter of everything!

For Maths as an example, It is amazing on how human can solve all those complicated calculation by just using those formulae n methods invented. Now let's think the other way round..

We are amazed with those intelligent people. Then, why don't we feel amazed of THE CREATOR of 'these intelligent people' when the intelligence is gifted by Allah- The Creator?

Wah..Pandainya diorang ni..
Hebat2.. Banyak benda diorang boleh buat..
Tapi Allah yg cipta kita semua..
Allah yg ilhamkan semua perkara pd hmba2Nya..
Wah! Kalau camtu..
Allah lg hebat!

Subhanallah.. Isn't HE The Greatest.....?

Ok ok.. Back to our main issue, "How to do everything because Allah?"

Like what my friends usually remind me of is by knowing that..


Thus, it's a shame to do something that Allah doesn't like..

Let's think this way..

Let's say.. you have a cellphone and you're using postpaid. Every month, you'll receive your phone bill. ok, that's for your cellphone.

At the same time, you have your own house.. You're working. Already have a job. Then all bills come together at the same time: Bills for the electricity, water, rent, etc..

Surely you're gonna have trouble in paying all these bills. Might make you wonder, "For what have i used all these? Why are there so many bills. Plus, they are too much to pay!"


What if one day, you received more bills and they were all from HIM..
Hearing bill
Talking bill
Seeing bill
Oxygen bill
........... bill
........... bill

Can you pay all these??!!

Alamak. Malu pulak dengan Allah..
I've been using all these during all this time (tertunggak bilnya kalau dikira!).. have i been using all these because of HIM?? (legs to walk to class to get Allah's blessing.. Hands to help people in needs.. Eyes to see the wonderful creation of His.. Everything to do because of Him! But has everything being done ONLY because of Him...? Wah! So sad!)

Ya Allah.. Help us, guide us to the right path.. Show us the right way.. We really need Your Guidance as it's only You who knows all the rights n wrongs.. We can only plan for the good things to happen but ya Allah, You know the best..

jom cintakan Allah! cintakan Rasul juge..
hanya rindukan Allah! rindukan RasulNya juge..


  1. salam alyaa!

    najwa here [tcs]. i link your blog okay? do visit mine:

    hope it will strengthen our ukhwah as a Muslim. Insya Allah.

    salam! :)

  2. subhnallah, alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar.. untuk nikmat Allah that so great and never end until the right day..
    i like this entry..its make me regret and insaf.. me, as a teacher i wrote moral value that i should inculcate in teaching process in my lesson plan.. but i forgot..i really forgot.. to emphasized to my students that Allah is the creator for every elements, minerals, ore and everything.. reading ur entry make me aware..jazakillah ukhti..jazakillah..
    you should love chemistry too.. ya, sure .. learn those subjects memg mmbuat kan kita sedar betapa Agungnya Allah yang Maha Pencipta