Monday, December 24, 2012

HE breaks to make



I'm writing this with a crying heart..
But, i'm very proud to say that;
At least,
i'm writing this with a heart of full tawakkul on HIM..

Yes. Full tawakkul on Allah.

Letting go a thing that is very dear to you..
Which you once thought you possessed it.
Which you thought it was ALL yours..

That's the mistake i made.
To think it was ALL mine.
Now HE takes it back.
HE breaks it.
To make you realize you own NOTHING.
It was ALL HIS.

Ya Rabb, why didn't i see this?

Waiting for HIM to break
to come to realize this?
How frustrating is that?
Needing Allah to 'knock' your head out
to come to realize this?
Uhuh, how shameful is that?

Ya Rabb, i must have been so heedless,
for not paying attention to this;
that i let a person to take place in this sick heart.
SICK heart, which in need of ALLAH even more.

Ya Allah, pls forgive me.
I'm letting this go for Your sake.
Pls don't forsaken me.

Guide our way.
Mend our heart.
Place mercy.
Increase blessings.

*You will never realize how much a blessing means until you lose it*

I can understand now how Muaz (radiyallahu 'anh) felt when he had to depart from most beloved person to his heart (and ours inshaAllah), Prophet Muhammad salallahu 'alayh wasalam.. To go to Yemen. He was crying all his way to Yemen.. He was a man in hurt- pain to leave..

Pls remember me in your du'a,
Pls make dua that Allah will gather us all in Jannah, close to these beloved people, the first geberation of Al-Quran..
And that Allah will save us from the fitan of the grave and hereafter, away from hellfire..


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