Friday, October 19, 2012

Stay away !

I was so amazed with the hadeeth shared by ustaz in our halaqah tonight, when he mentioned hudzhaifah once explained to Umar the great fitan which will be faced by the muslims one day (Read: muslims here is referrring to us) involving wealth, family, children and more..

Then i started to realize how much have i been distracted with so many things in life.
So distracting that i realized some of them bring me away from Allah.

None contributing to my knowledge.
None strengthening my iman.
Nor increasing my taqwa..

Most severe, none of these 'few' draw me closer to Allah and the teachings of my beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw/pbuh)..

I admit, i myself being tested with one (or more- yet for me to realize/ discover) of these great fitan.

Advice to myself: cut all the ropes to all these useless 'rubbish' in life. :(

Allahul musta'an.

May Allah protect me from things that displease HIM.
May Allah give us strength to act upon what HE is pleased with, the most.
May Allah forgive all of our sins.


Khalas, No more.
I want things to be pleasing to Allah, even if they appeared desirable.
Allah's and HIS messenger's pleasure is my PRIORITY. 

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