Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who's approval?

How happy a person may be for having his/her parents' approval of the spouse to be..
So happy that he/she may feel like telling and sharing the news with everyone !
Btw, why wouldn't he?
Why wouldn't she?

After all this while,
After all the struggles he/she might have had, to convince the parents to understand and accept...

Who wouldn't he or she feel happy? :)

AS i was pondering, i was thinking to myself this;
if that person could be so happy to have the MOST important person's approval to what is so dear to his/her heart, HOW ABOUT ALLAH? How would we feel if we get the approval from HIM to all that we do?

Have i made this my 'THE-most' thing to be concerned of?..


The best approval and most-worthy one to seek for- Allah's approval.

Does Allah approve this?
Does Allah like this for me?
Is Allah happy with me?

Oo Allah, let our concern be seeking your pleasure-the most. Amin..

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